Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Free Stock and Forex Market Astrology Report for Wed 26 Apr 06

Hard focus in AM EU will drop the markets. Slow recovery with the softer tone later on in the morning. AM US has a soft focus after a mixed start, that will really move the markets up. But then they are followed by hard focus that will move the markets down. PM US will start quiet, and then go down more as the hard focus comes around. A little recovery at the very end.

GMT (US opens at 13:30)

00-01 hhs
01-02 hhh <= hard focus
02-03 ssh
03-04 sshh
04-05 sh
05-06 s
06-07 sshh
07-08 hh
08-09 hhh <= hard focus
09-10 s
10-11 ssh
11-12 ss
12-13 s
13-14 hshss
14-15 sss <= soft focus
15-16 hhh <= hard focus
16-17 g
17-18 s
18-19 shhh <= hard focus
19-20 ssh
20-21 shh
21-22 ss
22-23 hss
23-24 sh

This report was written by just reading an aspectarian. Anyone can do it. If you want some free help, then contact me with Yahoo Instant Messenger on Wednesdays, when I have an open day. I produce reports like this, before the market opens in variety of formats, for all areas of the world. See the main site for rates.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Apr-Jun'06 Aspects to Neptune

Apr-Jun'06 Aspects to Neptune

03apr09 ssh
10apr16 hssh
17apr23 hsh
24apr30 shhhssh
01may07 shsshh
08may14 hhsh
15may21 hshhsh
22may28 shs
29may04 ssss
05jun11 hhss
12jun18 shh
19jun25 shs
26jun02 hhss

Last week of April and May have more hards, and softs respectively. So oil and political dogma will suffer with the hards, but will gain with the softs.

Mars in Cancer 2006

Mars in Cancer 2006

Mars moved into Cancer recently. I have counted the number of soft and hard aspects for the weeks ahead it is in Cancer.

17apr23 hshhshsh
24apr30 sshshh
01may07 hhshss
08may14 sshhssh
15may21 sshhsshsss
22may28 ssshhshshhsh
29may04 ssshhhhshsh

Astrologers will look at the number of soft and hard aspects, and the type of aspects being made. If you look at the previous report on Mars in Gemini, you will see how the markets moved up so well with the number of softs we have had. And it looks as if we will be having some periods of softs as well when Mars is in Cancer, followed by hard aspected periods.

Free Stock and Forex Market Astrology Report for Wed. 19 Apr 06

More hard focus than softs.

GMT (US opens at 13:30)

00-01 hs
01-02 hs
02-03 hs
03-04 hsh
04-05 g
05-06 hh
06-07 g
07-08 g
08-09 hs
09-10 hshs
10-11 hh
11-12 hh <= hard focus
12-13 s
13-14 hhs
14-15 hhs
15-16 hh <= hard focus
16-17 g
17-18 ss
18-19 ssh <= soft focus
19-20 g
20-21 shhs
21-22 sss <= soft focus
22-23 sh
23-24 shhs

What has been shown here can be done by anyone who has an aspectarian. You can consult me for free on Wednesdays via Yahoo Instant Messenger.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Free Stock and Forex Market Astrology for Wed. 12 Apr 06

Quite a lot of hard focus periods, and a very long gap period. So the markets will fall and stay down. There will be brief rises with the soft focus periods.

GMT (New York starts at 13:30)

00-01 g
01-02 hh
02-03 hsh
03-04 hhs <= hard focus
04-05 g
05-06 h
06-07 ss
07-08 hhhhh <= hard focus
08-09 s
09-10 h
10-11 h
11-12 s
12-13 sss <= soft focus
13-14 g
15-16 g
16-17 g
17-18 shh
18-19 ssh
19-20 sshh <= soft focus
20-21 shh <= hard focus
21-22 h
22-23 h
23-24 hshs

It is very easy for anyone to reproduce this for themselves, if they have an aspectarian. I will be via Yahoo Instant Messenger if you want to learn for free on Wednesdays open days.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Being made to look like a fool by Washington Post

I got an email, a little while ago, from a staff writer of Washington Post, called Joel Garreau, asking me a few questions. As you all know, I do not pull any punches, and I do not beat about the bush.

I did not know what he was going to do, but he just sent me an email informing me of this article he had written Cosmic Clockwork: A Split Second Of Perfect Order.

It really does not bother me too much, I am used to it. Let them make fun of us Astrologers, but please do not descredit my educational qualifications by using the phrase:
who claims to have a BA from Princeton and a master of science from London University
Anyway I sent him an email thanking him for including me in his joke, and asked him to at least have the common decency to tell me what he was doing before he did it.

Ah well.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Free Stock and Forex Astrology Report for Wed 05 Apr 06

Not much focus, just a hard focus when US starts trading.

GMT (US opens at 13:30)

00-01 h
01-02 g
02-03 s
03-04 g
04-05 h
06-07 ss
07-08 hhssh
08-09 g
09-10 hhs
10-11 g
11-12 g
12-13 h
13-14 hh <= hard focus
14-15 sh
15-16 hs
16-17 s
17-18 s
18-19 hss
19-20 hsh
20-21 g
21-22 g
22-23 s
23-24 g