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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Neptune: Astrology of Oil 12-19 October 2008

More hard aspects until 05:35pm GMT Friday 17th. So expect more downward pressure on crude.

Free Market Astrology Lesson for Wednesday 15 October 2008

Some non focused softs at start, but more focused hard aspects at the end. All times GMT.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Neptune: Astrology of Oil 02-12 October 2008

Softer aspects to Neptune will raise oil and commodities until 09:50am GMT on Friday 1oth. After that the hard aspects will reverse oil and commodities. Look and see how the hard aspects brought them down earlier.

Free Market Astrology Lesson for Wednesday 08 October 2008

Hard focus at first and last, softs at Noon US. I hope you all have noticed my twitterings!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Neptune: Astrology of Oil 3-13 September 2008

Look at the hard aspects that brought oil down. But Oil looks as if it is going to go up with all the soft aspects for the rest of the week.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Free Market Astrology Lesson for Wednesday 10 September 2008

AM US has a lot of soft aspects, and PM has hard aspects. Let's put this in perspective. The US market has fallen a lot, so there is huge momentum on the downside. So the softs will slow it down, or might produce momentary rallies. But then we have hard aspects in the afternoon. So the move down will be accentuated. In case you have not noticed I am on Twitter, and it is embedded on the Blog. So I will be Twittering about the markets live as and when I am having fun.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Neptune: Astrology of Oil 28 August to 5 September 2008

Just look at the number of softs we had, that took oil and commodities up, to say nothing of Gustav. But when the hard aspects hit, Gustav weakened, and so did oil tumble. Soft then hard for the rest of the week, will really bring oil down, and calmness to the seas, to say nothing of the political idealists and dreamers.

Proof of the pudding ...

Look at the result in the chart above. See how the soft aspects took the oil price up in the past couple of days, and then it fell this afternoon as the softs ended.

Free Market Astrology Lesson for Wednesday 3 September 2008

Hard aspects at the start make it easier to go down. Then no aspects means flat trading after a reaction up. Early afternoon soft aspects make it easier to go up. Then vacilliation as we from one pair of hards to another pair of softs.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Neptune: Astrology of Oil 19-28 August 2008

More softs, which means the price of oil will go higher more easily, and theocracy/idealism will move forward.

Free Market Astrology Lesson for Wednesday 27 August 2008

From 1:13 to 2:07 we have more soft aspects, but then it gets mixed, with reactions just a minute before the individual aspects. 3:03-3:35 has a focus of hard aspects, 04:33-5:07 has a focus of soft aspects, 05:28-06:06 has a good focus of hard aspects, with a little pause, and then continues until 06:53-06:58, soft focus at 07:13-07:19, and then finally a hard focus at 08:05-08:11. All in all more hard aspects.

I thought I would give you a taste of a little more detail analysis, not exactly like the reports I write, which are more detailed with explanations for the subscribers who want to learn this art. And in as much as I measure and quantify, and I am systematic, it cannot really be called a science because it requires a certain intuitive evaluation by the user.

So if you are interested, and feel a link, then get in touch with me, and I will teach you at a price, if I think you are suitable.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Neptune: Astrology of Oil 15-24 August 2008

Below are the major aspects to Neptune

As you can see we have just had some soft aspects, that rose Oil, but we have hard aspects coming along, after the last soft this morning at 06:29am GMT.

Well there I was hoping that we would get the turn, and it did not happen. So I came over and looked at the image up above, and realised that I had not searched for all the aspects, but the major aspects. Below is the aspectarian for all the aspects, including the minor ones.

You can see that we have a soft aspect as well at 02:40am tomorrow, and that is why crude has gone up higher. The other hard aspects are going to later on Monday.

For a moment, I seriously doubted myself. Phew!


As you can see the soft aspects took the oil price up until 02:40am. Now the next aspect is a hard one, and as you can see from the top table is a major hard one occuring at 04:20pm GMT or 12:20pm EST. As you can see the oil price has already started to go down.

Pretty clear.


Well that hard aspect dragged the oil contract even lower.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Free Market Astrology Lesson for Wednesday 20 August 2008

This Wednesday I am trying to show how I figure out the world of Aspects. The idea is that maybe you can see how complicated this whole process is, and where your skills, or with the help of a good Astrologer, you can figure it all out.

Major Lunar Aspects

Below are the Major aspects, that is ones that are over 80 degrees. Major aspects have stronger effects. All you need to do, is to count the number of hard or soft aspects, as the Moon goes from one degree to the next. I have made it that easy. You will get a report like this, with the codes.

All Soft Aspects

Above is an Aspectarian of the soft aspects of the Moon in GMT. Here you see the Major and the Minor Aspects. I have not included inclanations.

All Hard Aspects

Above is an Aspectarian of the hard aspects of the Moon in GMT.

Focus of Aspects

Look at the chart above, not the top one, the one just above showing all the hard aspects. Look for one hour time period in which two or more hard aspects appear. That is what focus is all about. A collection of two or more aspects, intensify. Well I have filtered out the hard aspects, so you can see a pair from 06:54 am, 08:45am, 01:15pm, 03:06pm, 05:34pm. US starts at 01:30pm GMT. Now look at the table at the top and see if you can find any of them in there. And there is only the one at at 01:15pm that is focused and major. It does not mean that the others are useless. In fact they all have their part to play. So we do have soft aspects as well today, but they are no major focused ones. So there effect is less. There then different levels of effects on the markets, and that is why the markets react differently all the time.

My Service

What I do normally is to give everyone a complete aspect set of all aspects, and then take them through something like the above, but more detailed. I hope you appreciate the effort that goes into all this, and do not think it is a load of mumbo jumbo.

What the market actually did

So have a good look, and see how the US market did react down with the hards at first, and then went up with the soft aspects at the end. Now for the bit in the middle that was sort of flat. I forgot to mention that. Notice that there is a gap in aspects between 4 and 6. That is what happens in gaps. It goes flat.

Nice and clear.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Neptune and the Astrology of Oil

The hard aspects were still more than soft aspects, and the oil price went lower.

Free Market Astrology Report for Wednesday 13 August 2008

Below is the Aspectarian for US trading session in GMT (01:30pm GMT=09:30am EST)

Hard aspects at the start keep the pressure on markets. But there is a nice long period of soft aspects from 02:44 to 05:03pm GMT. There are also no aspects after 06:18pm. So it will be a lot easier to go up, and then the markets will be quite boring in the last couple of hours of trading.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Astrology of Oil for 31July to 9th August 2008

Below are the aspects to Neptune:

As you can see we had a little number of softs last week that did take the oil market up. I have put a few more days for free in this report, as it has a couple of softs, and more hards. So we should see some nice gyrations.


You need to click the image to see it larger. As you can see, we have had a rise in the last couple of days because of the soft aspects to Neptune.

Simple and clear.


And as you can see from the chart right now, the oil price is at 114 correlating very well with the hard aspects to Neptune.


Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Free Market Astrology Report for Wednesday 6th August 2008

Below are the aspects for US market in GMT.

There are a couple of soft aspects at the start, but there are more hard aspects than softs aspects for the rest of the day.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Uranus Aspects July August 2008: electrical faults, challenging innovation, politics, groups

Below is an aspectarian, showing the aspects of the Moon and other planets and stellar entities to Uranus only, from 22 July to 6 August 2008.

This is the first time I am showing Uranus tables. But I feel I have to, as my shower pump packed up spot on the moment when there were some awkward hard aspects to Uranus, a couple of days ago.

It is all related to Mars and the oppositon it is making, that will be exact on 6 August, but the Moon on 4 August in the big one. So look out for Mondays folks, they really are "Mondays".

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Astrology of Oil 23-30 July 2008

You can see that with more hard aspects, the oil price has dropped most of the time, and look at the moments when there were softs, and it did slow down the drop.

Free Market Astrology Report for Wednesday 30 July 2008

More hard aspects, means it is a lot easier for the market to go down.