Sunday, August 28, 2011

Astrology of Hurricane Irene and Stock Markets from 22 August to 1 September 2011

Detailed Aspects including Moon

The angles that the Moon, Planets, and other stellar entities make effect everything.  The New Moon in Virgo for 2011 is not as important as the other delineations being made in our solar system, when we are looking at events that cover a longer period than two hours.

Look at the aspects below.  The table is not like ordinary astrology you see elsewhere.  I have filtered out the strongest aspects of planets and stellar entities.  I then found moments when they are mostly of one type or another.  I normally use them to map out the moods of the traders on the markets.  But these aspects are affecting the whole of the planet Earth.

The sceptic would say, "hey I don't care what you have done, as long as it is consistent".  Well that is why I have put the past there. This way we can see what it is in the Astrology that makes this time period when Hurricane Irene is around different.

You will see U and D and they are used for traders to simplify ups and downs, not literally.  For the purposes of this exercise I would say that the U refers to high energy times and D when the energy is not high or it is calm.

Major Aspects of the Mercury Venus and Sun

Now you can see we have a surge from a D to a U just about now in the aspects made by the Planets focused on Earth.  The previous table showed the moment for the New Moon.  So that is why there is quite a lot of energy around and the Hurricane is as strong as it is.

Mind you it is not always this clear.  This is not scientific and I make no claims. Treat it as entertainment.  Either way the rest of the week is nice.  Rock and roll for the markets!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Guide to Market Astrology using the angles the planets and moon make to each other.

I am off this week from my normal day job so I am able to put a bit more time into stockstars.  So I have taken an example of what I call the hourly report.  Coincidence has it that someone had just recently inquired about this report, so I thought I would explain it all for all again.

What I do is nothing more that get the hold of all the aspects all the planets and Moon make to each other, and then just filter out the angles or aspects that are important.  Why I have selected those aspects is a whole other story.  Then I go and bunch up the moments when we have ones that are hard and moments that we have soft ones.  U refers to the ones that are soft, because soft ones tend to, and I must stress "tend to", stop down trends, and help up trends.  The opposite is for D.  But that is not the whole story.  Wish it was. I am poor, and bad at trading, so this system is far from perfect.  Why is not perfect, because there are moments when the aspects are not there, or not many of them are there.  Ok then maybe the market should be flat or mixed.  Hmm, ok, but not always.  Other factor are there which are related to the state of the market itself.  Sometimes I see that the aspects are saying it is up, but then some economic stats or company stats hits the newswires and it all goes pear shaped.  Like yesterday.  Dell had bad news to give the world.  Many knew this but were not going to go long with the aspects.  And the market did not go up as much before the news was broadcasts to the general public. And the aspects were not that focused. So if you see a disconnect, when the aspects are strong and focused then beware of insider trading.  Those situations are usually very short lived as the news always hits for a millisecond.  But we can have a focussed moment of an hour or so and it tends to over ride any manipulation.  So when we have a focused period it is very good.  If only if.

Today's aspects
Now let us look at today's aspects for EU and US trading.  You can see the Us and the Ds on the right.  They are a summary of the U u and D and d in what Astrologers call an Aspectarian.  My aspects are different than other techniques used in other parts of the world of Astrology.  I use exact aspects and I use a lot more planets and other stellar entities not commonly referred to in the back of magazines.  But I do not bother to go into all the various meanings as that would take far too long.  I just simplify it all for the sake of applying to the mood of the moment.  So in these aspects work in the real everyday world. That is why they effect the markets as well.  So it is the market that is wrong when there is a disconnect.

Please feel free to ask questions via Just put Market Astrology Questions in the Subject field. Sorry for typos.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Market Astrology: Mercury Venus Sun 15-19 August 2011

Not too different from last week, with hards at the beginning and a little more at the end of the week. GMT.