Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Astrology vs Economics: compare the prediction and see the results for 19-30 Jul 2010

Table 1

Table 2

Table 3

Above you have three tables.  Table one and two are my simplified tables of the positions of the various planets with up and down summaries for last week (table 1) and this week (table 2).  Table 3 is what all the high flying economists look at, and gamble on.

Last week's prediction as shown in Table 1 clearly indicated and predicted the markets.  This week's is given in Table 2 for free, right here for you to see.

Watch this space.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Free Stock Market Astrology Report for Friday 16th July 2010

This is the sort of result you get when all the aspects for everything is shown.  All I have done is to simplify things.  Let's see if the market dances to the stars!

Free Stock Market Astrology Report for Thursday 15th July 2010

I showed in the previous message why we went up in the markets.  Rest of this week is given for free.  You do need the minute by minute aspects to really get the day trading timing right.  Those can be purchased.  Contact me on

Market Astrology: Why we have moved up recently in the markets (July 2010).

Above are tables showing the planets' aspects that are strongest, either because they are soft or because they are hard.  You can see the periods when there are a lot of U's or D's.  That means we have a focus of aspects.  Now we all have just witnessed a good 7 days of some 7% move up in this 7th month of the year.  If you look at the aspects you will see that there are more U's at the moment, compared to last month.

These tables can be created for any time.  So as you can imagine I can produce the ones for next week, and so on.  It is not perfect, but there is nothing out there that beats it.