Monday, December 26, 2011

Market Astrology of Mercury Venus Sun Mars from 26 December 2011 - 6 January 2012

In all these years that I have been looking at market astrology, I have found that there are three time periods that are important.  The very short 10 minute one, the medium 10 days one, and then the long term 10 weeks one, for the sake of poetry,  It is not really 10. The astrological aspects in the short term have been known to launch long term trends. So it is important to see why that happens. As a result I provide the medium one for free.  It is all things to all people. So to really benefit from the aspects you need to have your trading strategy set in place.  If you think that the long term is up, and the medium is down, and the short term is up then you can go long with a small bet, average down and build for the long term haul.  The aspects for each time period are different. That is the discovery. If you want to see the short term ones or the long term ones you need to contact me I will teach you at an hourly rate. But look at this blog first. Happy 2012 to all.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

2011 Stock Market Correlation to Astrology

Above is the chart for the Dow Jones for 2011. Below are the aspects of slower planets up to August 2011.

It really does not take a genius to see the correlations. If you think this sort of analysis would help you in your trading, then contact me at with "I am interested in Stock Market Astrology" in the subject field.  I charge for consultation. No time wasters please. That is why I put stuff here for free.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Astrology of US Non Farm Payroll for Friday 2 Dec 2011

Aspects of Moon, Planets, Asteroids, Uranians for Dec 2 2011

Above are the exact aspects for the moment the Non-Farm Payroll Data are released. As you can see most of the aspects are D's and then they become U's just after the announcement.  U's tend to help more speculative trades.  This week we saw how the overall U aspects have rocketed the stock markets.  In particular the strong U's yesterday exploded the markets up.  So the same positive feeling will happen, no matter if the data is "good" or "bad".  Expect the US bond market to cave in. And then we end in D's. So it will all go the other way.  But hey it all could be wrong. Please treat this as light entertainment. It is wrong most of the time.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Market Astrology: Aspects of Mars Sun Venus Mercury to Slower Planets 22 Nov - 2 Dec 2011

Aspects of Mars Sun Venus Mercury to Slower Planets 22 Nov - 2 Dec 2011

Above is the table of the major aspects of Mars Sun Venus Mercury to Slower Planets 22 Nov - 2 Dec 2011.  It shows a time period where there is no overwhelming trend.  Lots of aspects changing all the time. However there is general D followed by a U for the next two weeks.  It is best to look at the Lunar aspects in the intra-day Aspectarians.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Market Astrology: Major Aspects of Mars Sun Venus Mercury to slower bodies in our solar system for 7-18 November 2011

Major Aspects of Mars Sun Venus Mercury to slower bodies in our solar system for 7-18 November 2011

Above is the Aspectarian for major aspects of Mars Sun Venus Mercury to slower bodies in our solar system for 7-18 November 2011. You will notice that we have a big soft aspected period next week.  Normally that means stocks go flying up.  But you need to look at the financial instrument you are trading, and see if there are any correlations with these aspects.  See if the U and D correlate to whatever it is you are looking at.  If it does, then you wow, you are lucky. That's because I can generate an Aspectarian for any time you like.  Email me with "More Info on Aspectarian Please" in the Subject field of your email.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Astrology of Markets using Planetary Aspects for 2-4 November 2011

Aspectarian showing the major aspects of Moon Mercury Venus Sun and Mars to slower objects for 2-4 November 2011

Traditional astrology looks at simple set of aspects between a handful of planets and moon.  The aspectarian above does not do that.  On the right is a simplification for those who want to see if there is a correlation of certain types of aspects to the general mood.

The hypothesis is that the general mood is what undermines the actual behaviour of people. High volume markets tend to have high participation, and so it stands to reason for them to have either a direct or indirect relationship to the signals above.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Market Astrology using Mercury Venus and Sun from 3-21 October 2011

If you are wondering whether this rally we has legs, then look at the number of soft aspects we will have this week and next compared to last week.  Soft aspects make people take risks.  So they sell safe havens. Bonds will fall, stocks will rise, as they have.  Suddenly the mood changes and people see the cup half full.  The news has not changed.  The aspects of the planets has. Watch it roar! Now remember that the opposite was true, and will be true at some time in the future, as I told you before.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Market Astrology: Astrological aspects for Friday 23 September 2011

All the aspects GMT 23 Sept 2011

You would think that, with all the fall we have had in the markets, and all the discussions that we have had, that all the so called "bad news", is in the market.  Well, there are more hard aspects for today.  So logically it should not go down.  Astrologically it says something else.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Market Astrology: Major Aspects of Inner Planets and Moon for Tuesday and Wednesday 20-21 September 2011

Table of the Major Aspects of Inner Planets and Moon

Above is a table of the major aspects of the inner planets and moon.  What I have done is to just look at the fast moving aspects that are powerful.  So you do not see many other aspects. At the time of writing this it is 18:18 GMT, and the market is up with the U.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Market Astrology: Mars in Leo 2011 from September to November 2011.

Table showing the aspects made by Mars in Leo in 2011

Above is a table showing the aspects Mars is making to the slower stellar entities, as it passes through Leo in 2011.  Simply put, this week and the first week of November have focused soft aspects.  Now remember that Mars should be used with the other planets, that change their aspects more frequently, like Mercury, Venus and the aspects of the Sun, if you want to get a good idea what it will be like from one week to the next.

For daily signals you need to look at the aspects of the Moon as well.  And you need all of them if you are trading from one minute to the next.  And it is not that accurate.  It is just another guide.  Either way, it does not look too promising, if you think this market has bottomed out, if D produces a down for you, at what you call your market.  You need to look at Mars in Cancer, Gemini to see what those aspects did at, whatever it is you are looking at, and then extrapolate.  If there is a correlation, then hey you have cracked it for your market.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Market Astrology of US: Non Farm Payroll for 2nd September 2011

Above is the typical set of aspects for all the Moon and stellar entities.  I have chosen to show it for the highlight point in the economic calendar, namely the non-farm payroll day for USA.  The stats appear in a D, but most of the day it is U.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Astrology of Hurricane Irene and Stock Markets from 22 August to 1 September 2011

Detailed Aspects including Moon

The angles that the Moon, Planets, and other stellar entities make effect everything.  The New Moon in Virgo for 2011 is not as important as the other delineations being made in our solar system, when we are looking at events that cover a longer period than two hours.

Look at the aspects below.  The table is not like ordinary astrology you see elsewhere.  I have filtered out the strongest aspects of planets and stellar entities.  I then found moments when they are mostly of one type or another.  I normally use them to map out the moods of the traders on the markets.  But these aspects are affecting the whole of the planet Earth.

The sceptic would say, "hey I don't care what you have done, as long as it is consistent".  Well that is why I have put the past there. This way we can see what it is in the Astrology that makes this time period when Hurricane Irene is around different.

You will see U and D and they are used for traders to simplify ups and downs, not literally.  For the purposes of this exercise I would say that the U refers to high energy times and D when the energy is not high or it is calm.

Major Aspects of the Mercury Venus and Sun

Now you can see we have a surge from a D to a U just about now in the aspects made by the Planets focused on Earth.  The previous table showed the moment for the New Moon.  So that is why there is quite a lot of energy around and the Hurricane is as strong as it is.

Mind you it is not always this clear.  This is not scientific and I make no claims. Treat it as entertainment.  Either way the rest of the week is nice.  Rock and roll for the markets!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Guide to Market Astrology using the angles the planets and moon make to each other.

I am off this week from my normal day job so I am able to put a bit more time into stockstars.  So I have taken an example of what I call the hourly report.  Coincidence has it that someone had just recently inquired about this report, so I thought I would explain it all for all again.

What I do is nothing more that get the hold of all the aspects all the planets and Moon make to each other, and then just filter out the angles or aspects that are important.  Why I have selected those aspects is a whole other story.  Then I go and bunch up the moments when we have ones that are hard and moments that we have soft ones.  U refers to the ones that are soft, because soft ones tend to, and I must stress "tend to", stop down trends, and help up trends.  The opposite is for D.  But that is not the whole story.  Wish it was. I am poor, and bad at trading, so this system is far from perfect.  Why is not perfect, because there are moments when the aspects are not there, or not many of them are there.  Ok then maybe the market should be flat or mixed.  Hmm, ok, but not always.  Other factor are there which are related to the state of the market itself.  Sometimes I see that the aspects are saying it is up, but then some economic stats or company stats hits the newswires and it all goes pear shaped.  Like yesterday.  Dell had bad news to give the world.  Many knew this but were not going to go long with the aspects.  And the market did not go up as much before the news was broadcasts to the general public. And the aspects were not that focused. So if you see a disconnect, when the aspects are strong and focused then beware of insider trading.  Those situations are usually very short lived as the news always hits for a millisecond.  But we can have a focussed moment of an hour or so and it tends to over ride any manipulation.  So when we have a focused period it is very good.  If only if.

Today's aspects
Now let us look at today's aspects for EU and US trading.  You can see the Us and the Ds on the right.  They are a summary of the U u and D and d in what Astrologers call an Aspectarian.  My aspects are different than other techniques used in other parts of the world of Astrology.  I use exact aspects and I use a lot more planets and other stellar entities not commonly referred to in the back of magazines.  But I do not bother to go into all the various meanings as that would take far too long.  I just simplify it all for the sake of applying to the mood of the moment.  So in these aspects work in the real everyday world. That is why they effect the markets as well.  So it is the market that is wrong when there is a disconnect.

Please feel free to ask questions via Just put Market Astrology Questions in the Subject field. Sorry for typos.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Market Astrology: Mercury Venus Sun 15-19 August 2011

Not too different from last week, with hards at the beginning and a little more at the end of the week. GMT.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Market Astrology: Mars in Cancer 2011.

With Mars in Cancer, we can see some periods of hard aspects until 11 Aug.  Then it is soft until 19 August. Then it is pretty much hard until the end of August. Work out the rest yourself.  But you need to see the periods when Mercury Venus and Sun are there, as well the daily scenario, and then the Moon aspects for the hourly. I will be putting the weekly reports as usual. Compare these Mars aspects to the previous Gemini ones. All times are GMT.

Market Astrology: Moon Mercury Venus Sun for 1-5 August 2011

As you can see, the beginning and the end of the week, have the major focussed aspects as hard. You need to look at the Moon aspects below to see the hourly focus of aspects.

So I decided to create a scan just to pick out the major lunar aspects on Tuesday and Wednesday, as there aren't that many for Mercury Venus and Sun in the table above. Ideally you would use both.

There are of course many more aspects, but the trick is to clarify and simplify.

All times GMT.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Market Astrology: Mercury Venus Sun Aspects for 11-15 July 2011

As you can see the aspects are mostly hard for this week.  GMT. Compare it to the previous weeks.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Market Astrology: Mercury Venus Sun Aspects 4-8 July 2011

For this week we have softs at start and end with some hards in the middle (sort of). Again look at the Mars and Moon tables as well. And compare the pattern last week's. GMT

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Market Astrology: Mars in Gemini 2011

I have marked the weeks on the left. This very simple table of major Mars aspects shows how most of the strong aspects are hard in Gemini. So find a window when the Mars, Mercury Venus and Sun are all the same aspects, and you will see a strong correlation if the Lunar aspects are there for a half an hour. That is a lot of ifs, but it does happen. GMT.

Market Astrology for Solstice Day June 21st 2011

This is an Aspectarian for the whole of the Solstice day of 21 June 2011. It is really interesting coincidence that there are plenty of soft aspects until the Solstice Point and then it is all hard.  Gyrations! Reports like this are what day traders use to predict the minute by minute movements in high volume markets. IT should be used with the Mercury Venus Sun Report, and the Mars Report. New Mars in Gemini Report will appear shortly, which will give the long term outlook. GMT.

Market Astrology: Mercury Venus Sun 20-24 June 2011

More hards than softs. GMT

Monday, June 13, 2011

Market Astrology of Mercury Venus and Sun Aspects for 13-17 June 2011

Last week showed that if you have a mixed aspects between Mercury Venus and Sun, the Mars aspect will dominate.  Another way is to see how the hard aspects had more effect than softs as they synchronized with the Mars hards.  This week it is even clearer. For day traders you need to look at the Moon from one minute to the next. GMT.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Market Astrology: Mercury Venus Sun for 6-10 June 2011

Above is the table of the strong aspects between Mercury Venus and Sun to other slower entities. Choppy week ahead with a balance between the number of softs and hard with this analysis.  But you need to look at the Moon to really see what is happening during the day.

Friday, June 03, 2011

Market Astrology of US Non-Farm Payroll Day 3 June 2011

It is always fun to look at astrology of the moment of the announcement of the US Non Farm Payroll data. It happens at 12:30 GMT or around where I have put the arrow on the table above. I wish I could say that there were a lot of aspects (angles between Planets or Moon and Planets).  I have picked the periods in the day when there are a few or more exact aspects of hard (D) or soft ones (U). There are loads of short period pairs of aspects, and that means there is no real conviction as it were. So we look at the back ground aspects such as the ones involving Mercury Venus and Sun and Mars, and then you can see they are supportive of the market. So all in all it looks supportive, which means that it is easier to go up, and harder to go down. But I think it will be a bit of an anti-climax either way, as massive moves usually have more aspects involved. And if I was right, I would be a zillionnaire. lol.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Market Astrology: Sun Mercury Venus Aspects for 23 May - 3 June 2011

Pretty thin on long durations of any sort. But apart from tomorrow and Thursday, the hards have the edge.  Of course you need to make sure that Mars and Moon are there too. GMT.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Market Astrology for US trading session on 18 May 2011

Above is the Aspectarian table for all the planets and Moon in the US trading session in GMT.  Now you should be able to see all these positions in the previous reports. You can see that the exact aspects principle holds very well.  So you might have some Moon aspects that seem focused.  But if there is an exact Sun aspect there as I write 01:54pm GMT, then that will pause the market.

I have not bothered with the focusing indicators this time.

Finally I have just started a New Born Astrology Report for the mothers to be and their new born baby.  Have a look.

Market Astrology: Moon Aspects for 18 May 2011

Only the Moon is shown as the other slower planets were shown in the previous updates. The Moon is what controls the minute by minute movements. There are various ways of showing all this.  You can put all the planets and the Moon but it might confuse you. GMT.

Finally I have just started a New Born Astrology Report for the mothers to be and their new born baby.  Have a look.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Market Astrology: Mercury Venus Sun 9-20 May 2011

Above is the table of major aspects for Mercury Venus Sun 9-20 May 2011. Use it in conjunction with the Mars in Taurus report I just posted.  The most reasonable analysis, is to find periods when there is a focus of aspects.  So look at the periods when both reports show the same type of aspects.  Day traders need to look at the Moons aspects, which I will post as appropriate.

Also a little donation would be nice.
Finally I have just started a New Born Astrology Report for the mothers to be and their new born baby.  Have a look.

Any questions or comments would be nice.

Market Astrology: Mars in Taurus 2011

Above is a table of the major hard and soft aspects that Mars will make in Taurus in 2011. Obviously this is a simplification so look at the one for Mars in Aries 2011 and compare.  On the left hand side I have concluded from the summaries on the left, what the effect would be for the week.  Look out for the faster inner planets reports for Mercury Venus Sun to get the day by day pattern. And then look at the Moon aspects to see the hour by hour ones.

Also a little donation would be nice.
Finally I have just started a New Born Astrology Report for the mothers to be and their new born baby.  Have a look.

Any questions or comments would be nice.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Intra Day Market Astrology for Thursday 5th and Friday 6th May 2011 for Day Traders

If you look at the Mercury Venus Sun Report you will see that the aspects become a bit thin at the end of the week.  But if you look at the aspects for Moon they are there, as shown above.  And these are the major aspects.  The full report can be confusing.  I have pointed out the various parts of the world trading on the left.

Remember to test the signals both for U and D for the high volume trading product you are looking at. All times GMT.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Market Astrology Wednesday 27 April 2011

If you looked at the Mars table you would have seen that it has a number of soft aspects from 27th April. Within that period we have Mercury Venus and Sun being soft. Within that period we have the Moon getting soft at certain times with major aspects (>80 degrees). So it should be a strong reaction, normally up in a high volume stock index like Dow Jones or S&P futures. Of course all bets are off if the market decides to halt trading because a major announcement is being made by a central banker. So volume is key. All times GMT.

Market Astrology using Mercury Venus Sun for 25 April-6 May 2011

As you can see there are still more hard aspects ahead. Keep an eye on Mars tables as before. You need the hourly Moon aspects as well.  I will post those on the various interesting days, as and when. I will post the new Mars table as soon as it goes into Taurus.

What you need to do, to look to see, if there is a particular correlation of the aspects to whatever it is you are looking at.  It is not restricted to markets per se.  It can be against all other types of behaviour.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Market Astrology: Mercury Venus Sun 18-22 April 2011

Table of major aspects made by Mercury Venus and Sun

Compare this table with the one for last week (11-15 April 2011), and see what the difference are in the distribution of aspects. I have not changed any of the parameters apart from the date range. If you look at the Mars table you will see that it is still showing D. So the moments when we have Ds in this table, and the daily one, should be the most powerful for a D situation. 

Table of all major aspects

Above you will see the table of aspects for Monday (tomorrow) 18th April 2011. If you look at the table above that you can see that it shows a D for Monday.  In this table we can see the major aspects of the Moon, not all the aspects.  Again you can see moments in the day when there are a lot of Us and Ds.  Now, as I said last week, there are times when the Moon is making Us when all the other planets are making Ds.  As the other planets' aspects last longer, then you would expect the Moon's effect to be less.  So it will be like an uptrend in a major down wave.  You need to establish the long term trend correlations for the market you are looking at, and then make the adjustments. Remember stick to high volume products and times are all GMT. 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Market Astrology: The effect of Mars in Aries 2011.

What I have done is not what most ordinary Astrologers do. I have not only selected a special set of aspects, but then selected the most powerful ones for Mars only.  What that does, is to filter out a lot of the minor aspects, that can confuse.  The big D in the middle shows the period when the hard aspects are strongest for a long time, after the soft aspected periods marked by the two Us before and after it. M means mixed. This type of analysis is not the only thing you need to do if you want to understand the Astrology of the market.  You need to also look at the faster entities in our solar system.  So you need to look at the movement of Venus Sun and Mercury.  They produce a lot of angles and it is not practical to produce all that data for the whole month.  And then you have the aspects that the Moon is making from one minute to the next to everything else. I can produce a lot of tables like the one and please contact me on with "Ali I am Confused about Astrology" in the Subject line for me to read your email.


I have put aspects for all the other faster entities on the recent posts.

Astrological prediction for market traders 11-15 April 2011

Table of all major aspects

Table of major aspects made by Mercury Venus and Sun

There are two tables above.  One for all the major aspects for Tuesday 12 April 2011.  The one below is the one for this week from 11th to 15th April 2011.  I have chosen just the Tuesday so that we can focus in on the moment when everything is soft.  So just look at the table below it, and see the aspects for Tuesday which are soft.  Then find the moment when the Moon is there with soft aspects.  Now you will notice that there are periods of hard aspects that are made by just the Moon on its own.  This is when we have one entity, namely the Moon, going counter to the other entities. So that means that it should not be that powerful. There are those who disagree, and just look at the Moon. Let's see. The wonderful thing is, that I have seen the Moon do this so many times. We should theoretically get a move down in an otherwise broader up trend for the day, or maybe the market would just hold and the volume would fall.  That way everybody would be happy. Any questions email me on, with the subject header stating "I am confused about Astrology". All times GMT, and this never changes btw.