Sunday, July 30, 2017

Stock Market and Financial Astrology for August 2017

14 U's 13 D's

Just looking at the raw numbers for Mars, it is evenly balanced. But you can see that there is a focus of D's in the first two weeks, and then it is more U's. Translated that means that it is down for prices with high volume, or remain flat with low volume. Then it is the other way round when the U's kick in. 

Now look at the tables below to see the daily changes. I will put the results on Fridays.

Tue  PM 1U 0D
Wed PM 3U 5D
Thu PM 0U 2D
Fri PM 1U 0D

Result: Dow was up but S&P and Nasdaq were flat for the week in line with non-Mars boring aspects. Markets took a lot of heat and stayed buoyant with the Mars U's.

Mon PM 1U 2D
Tue PM 1U 2D
Wed PM 2U 0D

Thu PM 2U 3D
Fri PM 2U 0D
Mon PM 3U 3D

Tue PM 1U 1D
Wed PM 2U 1D
Thu PM 0U 1D
Fri 1U 1D

Result: Mars kept the pressure on Markets as predicted. The faster moving planets also kept the pressure. Only when the faster planets had more U's did we stay up on Wednesday. Going forward the prediction is favourable. So expect it to be easier to go up than to go down for the remainder of the month. Expect resiliency. Stocks will go up. 

Mon PM 1U 0D
Tue PM 1U 0D
Wed PM 1U 2D
Thu PM 3U 2D
Fri 3U 2D

Mon PM 0U 3D
Tue PM 1U 2D

Wed PM 3U 1D
Thu PM 1U 0D

As you can see, there are no massive days for PM's. There is no big imbalance for the PM periods. But you need to do the count for your time zone. Look for at least three hour period with two U's or D's to make a focus. The opposite is also true. If you do not see anything in a two hour period, there will be no follow through. As it stands, it all looks pretty boring for the PM's, but the background Mars aspects will dominate in the quiet periods, and that says down then up for the month. So look at the Mars aspect, then see if the faster planets are adding to it, for there to be a focus, in the time period you are in.

Finally I have included a new set of tables. What I did was to strip out the Moon from the Neptune aspects. I then went back to June, so that we can see the commodity, especially Oil correlations. 

It is really easy to see how the increase in U's took Oil up in late June and then July. And looks like more of same for August.

To sum up, the mood is positive, and everyone will look at the bright side of life for August, after a bit of a pull back. But then I have been so wrong before. You decide.

Saturday, July 01, 2017

Stock Market and Financial Astrology July 2017

Below are the major Astrological aspects for July 2017, between the Moon and Inner planets and Neptune, that correlate well with oil and commodities. Then you have the major aspects of the inner planets with the outer planets. Finally it is Mars. Look at Mars, then the inner planets, then the Moon. Below is my first draft. I will put comments in at the end of each week, to see if I can find errors in my analysis and results. I have put a count in this time.

In general terms, I have found there are more D's and disinclinations (looks like an H) than U's and inclinations (II). I have written my results below the planetary, and Mars tables. Just count PM US U's vs D's for Monday to Fridays for yourself. But what is really important is that there are so many more aspects. We have then powerful energies will be leashed upon us. About time. It was really boring.

In normal stock talk, expect volatility to rocket. If my count for PM US aspects for each day is right, we will see more of what happened last Thursday. In fact last Thursday is peanuts compared to what awaits us. There are some days with a lot of U's, but there are far more days with D's.

In very plain terms, this could be the big correction we are waiting for in stocks, to finally bring on what the logical signals have been telling us for some time. No one could explain in logical terms, why the markets had just kept on going up, because the astrology was full of U's. Fasten your seat belts, we are going south in stocks, and obviously north in bonds etc etc.  

But then I could be completely wrong, as I have been in the past. As usual, if the market does not go down with D's, then the volume will and vice-versa, but there are so many aspects this time, that the pressure will be too much. Enjoy the correlations you find for your products. 

For those who do not use this for trading, then U's make life positive, and D's bring on discipline and life feels heavy. In general there are times when there are no aspects, with low or no aspects, when it will be dreary and listless. Finally remember this is all just for fun. Do not use it for trading. 


3-7 July: The number of hard aspects was more than softs and the Dow fell. 

10-14 July: The hard aspects prevented follow throughs on strong openings with low volumes. 

17-21 July: The aspects were balanced for most days. But if you look at the focus of aspects (two or more similar aspects within four hours), you will see the the reasons for the swings. For example, on Friday you will see D's in early PM dragging EU stocks, and U's in late PM dragging US up at the close. 

We have some strong ones next week on Monday (D's), Wednesday (U's), and Friday (D's).

Mon PM: 3U 2D

Tue PM: 1U 3D
Wed PM: 3U 4D

Thu PM: 1U 2D
Fri PM:  3U 3D

Mon PM: 4U 1D
Tue PM: 1U 1D
Wed PM: 0D 3D
Thu PM: 1U 0D
Fri PM: 0U 2D

Mon PM: 3U 2D
Tue PM: 2U 3D

Wed PM: 2U 1D
Thu PM: 3U 2D
Fri PM: 3U 3D

Mon PM: 3U 7D
Tue PM: 1U 0D

Wed PM: 3U 1D
Thu PM: 1U 2D
Fri PM: 0U 5D

Mon PM: 1U 1D

13U 18D

Stock Market and Financial Astrology July 2017