Friday, August 31, 2007

The Fed vs the Stars

If you had an Aspectarian, you would see the table below, just at the same time as the Fed chairman was speaking. Normally the world stands still when the Fed chairman speaks. Well look at these hard aspects. The mood of the market would be to see everything he says with dire pessimism.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Free Aspects of Planets and Moon for Stock and Currency trading on 22 Aug 2007

Below are the Aspects of all Planets and Moon for:



See if you can find the soft focus in Asia, and hard focus in US. Any questions email me, for my tarrif.

Mars aspect report for 15-28 Aug 07

Below is the Aspectarian for Mars from last week to next week. You can see that there aren't any soft aspects until early next week.

And then there is a Mars Cupido opposition.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Free Aspects of Planets and Moon for Stock and Currency trading on 15 Aug 2007

Below are the aspects for Asian trading.

There are some soft aspects in Asia.

Below are the aspects for EU and US trading.

AM EU has unfocused aspects, and so will not be very interesting.

Late PM EU and US looks to fall from 04:17 GMT or 12:17 EDT to 04:48 GMT or 12:48 EDT with a focus of soft aspects, and then rise between 05:22pm GMT or 01:22 EDT to 06:09 GMT or 02:09 EDT when there is a focus of softs, and then fall some more with the hards until the close.

Email me for my rates on explanation, codes, or custom made aspectarians.

Mars and the Stock Market from 7-21 Aug 2007

Below are the aspects Mars has been making in the past week, and will be making in the next week.

Hard aspects are still prominent. So everyone will still over react to any negative news.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Market Astrology of 10 Aug 2007

Below are the aspects for US today. All times are GMT, so you need to subtract 4 hours for New York.

And below is the Dow for today

Email me for questions. But notice the soft aspects that took the market up and the hard on the close.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Mars causes panic selling on Stock Markets

Look at the table below and you should be able to see the hard aspects of Mars are more than the Soft aspects, after the soft aspects on the 8th. That is why people are selling now after the peak with the soft aspects. Click on the Mars label or tag and see both tables, and you will see the more soft aspects of Mars taking the market up on 7th. If you have not got the codes then you need to email me for a free quotation on the service you need, so that you can learn all this.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Free Stock and Forex Market Astrology Report for Wed 08 Aug 2007

Sorry about the delay. Above is Aspectarian for US trading today. There is a focus of hard aspects between 04:48 GMT or 12:48 EDT and 05:34 GMT or 13:34 EDT. That means down.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Astrology of Oil and Stock Markets

Below is a chart I just uploaded, that shows it in tick, yes tick, that's how close the relationship is, of Dax futures and Brent futures, of the feed I use for trading. You might have to click on it to zoom in.

Now click on the Neptune or Oil tag, and see the long term relationships and the number aspects. Now below is a time series of all the recent aspects to Neptune.

If you know the codes you should be able to figure out what is due to happen to oil. If you don't have the codes, and would like a report on this sent to you privately then email me, and I will tell you how much it will cost you.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Mars aspect report for 27 Jul - 07 Aug 07

A lot of Astrologers look at the aspects of Mars and the slower planets. You can see the periods when it dropped the market as expected. Softer tone is followed by harder aspects. You need to contact me and pay for the codes to learn to read this Aspectarian.

Free Stock and Forex Market Astrology Report for Wed 1 Aug 07

Below are the Aspects for all of tomorrow. Contact me if you want the codes to decipher them for a fee, and to explain why it is mostly hard aspects, making it difficult to go up, and easier to go down. But the US has some softs aspects in the afternoon that will help it go up.