Sunday, August 28, 2011

Astrology of Hurricane Irene and Stock Markets from 22 August to 1 September 2011

Detailed Aspects including Moon

The angles that the Moon, Planets, and other stellar entities make effect everything.  The New Moon in Virgo for 2011 is not as important as the other delineations being made in our solar system, when we are looking at events that cover a longer period than two hours.

Look at the aspects below.  The table is not like ordinary astrology you see elsewhere.  I have filtered out the strongest aspects of planets and stellar entities.  I then found moments when they are mostly of one type or another.  I normally use them to map out the moods of the traders on the markets.  But these aspects are affecting the whole of the planet Earth.

The sceptic would say, "hey I don't care what you have done, as long as it is consistent".  Well that is why I have put the past there. This way we can see what it is in the Astrology that makes this time period when Hurricane Irene is around different.

You will see U and D and they are used for traders to simplify ups and downs, not literally.  For the purposes of this exercise I would say that the U refers to high energy times and D when the energy is not high or it is calm.

Major Aspects of the Mercury Venus and Sun

Now you can see we have a surge from a D to a U just about now in the aspects made by the Planets focused on Earth.  The previous table showed the moment for the New Moon.  So that is why there is quite a lot of energy around and the Hurricane is as strong as it is.

Mind you it is not always this clear.  This is not scientific and I make no claims. Treat it as entertainment.  Either way the rest of the week is nice.  Rock and roll for the markets!