Thursday, November 30, 2017

Stock Market and Financial Astrology December 2017

Stock Market and Financial Astrology December 2017

November 2017 Review

I must admit, the astrology was amazingly accurate. Just look at the report below I wrote last month. The astrological count correlated so well with the stock market action. The fact that the U's were more than D's predicted the market would go up. Even the prediction for oil was correct. So I will continue to use the same model.

The Prediction Report

The report is in three sections. The Mars Table, The Planetary Aspect Tables with values. The Neptune Tables.

The Mars Table

If you look at the Mars Table above you will see the aspects Mars is making to the outer planets. Traditionally astrologers used to look at this table only. It has proven to be more of a background aspect. Imagine that there are times the Sun, Venus and Mercury and others are not making any of the main aspects I look at, then it will be the Mars aspects that would impress. As you can see U's are more than D's this month. In basic terms that means that Mars is more positive this month than last month. Last month we had it with more D's and I pointed out that the market would react more to the other planets and Sun and it did. The markets have moved up to new highs. This month is even more so.

The Planetary Aspect Tables


Below are the tables for the aspects made by Sun, Venus, Mercury and others are making to each other. I have a certain set of aspects that I have categorised as U's or D's. That is the added value this work creates. It has taken me all my life to perfect it. And it still goes wrong, even though it was spot on last month. I only count the GMT PM count for the business days. You will need to look at your time zone and market. The rule is simple. If you see two or more of the same type of aspect within a few hours, then that will be effective. The more the stronger. If you see three or four in a couple of hours then it is very rare and strong. If you see nothing for a couple of hours then it will be flat, after being opposite to what it was. Try it with whatever it is you are looking at. It does not need to be the markets. I work in a call centre and I correlate it to the mood of people as I talk to them. So you may be a top financial manager, or a person in a sales team. It even works with animal, or herds, or children moods. We are talking about the change in the force that binds our corner of the universe. It binds and separates us. Some humans can intuitively sense it but it is not obvious to all. These tables show the polarity that creates the energy.

Fri 2U 1D
Mon 2U 1D

Tue 2U 1D
Wed 1U 0D
Thu 4U 1D
Fri 3U 0D

Mon 3U 0D
Tue 1U 2D
Wed 1U 1D
Thu 2U 0D
Fri 5U 0D

Mon 2U 2D
Tue 1U 1D
Wed 2U 1D

Thu 3U 2D
Fri 0U 1D
Mon 1U 2D
Tue 1U 0D
Wed 1U 0D

Thu 1U 2D
Fri 1U 1D


For each business day I have counted the GMT PM. Quite simply there are no moments when we have a lot of D's. The U's have it. So this market is going up even more. I know what you are thinking. Is it the US tax reform? Isn't it over bought? That is what logic tells us. Look at any technical analysts conclusions and they will tell you it is over bought. Every brave techie is shorting this market and is losing money. The only system that has predicted the market is going up is this one. And yes it is going higher. It has to do with the angle of the planets when US and PM EU is trading. That is the conclusion on that count. And it works most of the time. As I said last month we will get a period in the future or there times in the past when the exact opposite is true. I will point it out when we get there for free a month in advance. But if you want to know a lot sooner it will cost you. 

The Neptune Tables

Below are the angles made to Neptune give us our sense of imagination. Commodities follow it. Oil in particular. I am not counting the number of aspects. You can do that. It is easy. And it looks like most of the D's are not during business days. So oil is going up even more.

In conclusion we are going to go higher and higher. It will defy all logical analysis. An amazing sense of positivism is gripping our planet in this part of the universe. Enjoy it.  Remember this is not to be used for trading. 

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Stock Market and Financial Report for November 2017

Stock Market and Financial Report for November 2017

This report is designed to find the moments when the planetary angles correlate to human behaviour. In particular it is being applied to stock market and other markets behaviour. I have been doing this for the best part of my life, and in all honesty I cannot say it is full proof. But there is something in it. I am just like you. I create the report and look at it everyday to see what the values are, and then see if the world I live in correlated to it.

Last month was supposed to have high volatility for the markets, and yes we did have some big moves. I posted those on my Facebook page. The easiest way to use this report is to see when there are a few aspects in a row in a few hours, and then see whether your trading instrument follows it. If you see a pattern, then use it. Only you will know the result. I tend to find high volume instruments correlate well. So world indices like Dow Jones work well when the angles are strong. Conversely you will find the markets are flat when there are no aspects in a few hours.

Mars aspects give the background, then we have the inner planets to the outer planets, which have the PM or US trading hours values underneath. Then there are the aspects to Neptune, that sort of correlate to oil. Remember this is just for fun and not for trading. I have put comments under each section. 

11 U  12 D

Mars aspects look balanced if you total the number of U's vs D's. But there are more D's focused than U's. So the balance is on the D's side most of the time. But hold on and read the next section.

Wed 1U 5D
Thu 3U 2D
Fri 4U 1D

Mon 4U 1D

Tue 2U 2D
Wed 2U 1D
Thu 0U 4D
Fri 2U 1D

Mon 2U 3D
Tue 1U 2D
Wed 2U 2D

Thu 4U 1D
Fri 2U 2D
Mon 2U 1D

Tue 0U 3D
Wed 4U 0D
Thu 0U 1D
Fri 1U 2D

Mon 2U 0D
Tue 1U 1D
Wed 1U 0D
Thu 1U 2D

In as much as Mars on its own looked more focused on D's, if you look at the inner planets, you see that the U's have it most of the time. So U's mean that the market wants to go up and that is where astrology defies logic. 


The stock market is overbought, but the astrology says it is going up higher. One day you will see the opposite, when the market keeps on going down, and all the logic points that it has fallen enough, but it just keeps on going down. 

When that day is you will only find out by looking at the monthly reports here or pay a lot and get the long term report. So if you are fed up with logic then you will understand this work. 

And finally we have the aspects to Neptune. Again it looks like we have more U's. So oils are going up as well. 

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Stock Market and Financial Astrology October 2017

Stock Market and Financial Astrology October 2017

September 2017 Review

There were a couple of days, when the hard aspects were strong, and most markets either went down or slowed down. People are now able to see with Astrology, how bad the situation will be when hard aspects are around, and just stay put. That is the whole point of this report. It is very much like a weather map. We know when it rains and we prepare for it. There are less surprises.

Overall, the volatility index did not stay up, and in fact stayed low most of the time. Oil did not fall with the hard aspects, and drifted up. Honestly I am a bit flummoxed with oil. I will experiment with other tables if the correlation still fails.

Thank goodness the soft aspects that produced high energy hurricanes, had the high positive energy impact on the markets, and they stayed up. Yes, soft aspects do effect the weather, especially when the Solar Sun Spot activity picks up. I have posted tables and links on those at the Facebook page. 

October 2017 Prediction

The first one is Mars. It will give the overall trend. And you can see that we have softs from Sunday 1st until 8th. Then it gets hard until the 20th October. So that means up then down. Then it is a few days up and a few days down.

Now look at the fast planets and the asteroids. I have written the count for those for US trading, which is PM GMT as shown. That count has proven to produce some very interesting correlations.

As you can see the U's or softs aspects are strong in the first week. Then the hard D's kick in, but only to make it more balanced. We have some days with a lot of aspects for both U's and D's, so gyrations are in store. You need to keep an hour by hour eye on matters.

In simple terms, we are in for a very high energy markets this month. Extremely large moves up and down will persist. This is not going to be a flat market. It looks to me to be down for stocks as the D's seem to have it as the month ends, but I have been wrong on actually linking this to market trading.

Enjoy the energy, and have a lot of fun.

Mon 0U 1D
Tue 3U 3D
Wed 3U 3D
Thu 4U 0D

Fri 2D 2U
Mon 2U 1D

Tue 1U 3D
Wed 5U 7D
Thu 1U 3D

FRi 3U 2D

Mon 2U 2D
Tue 1U 2D
Wed 3U 1D
Thu 1U 4D

Fri 3U 4D

Mon 3U 7D
Tue 4U 1D

Wed 1U 2D
Thu 1U 1D
Fri 3U 0D
Mon 1U 3D

Tue 0U 1D

I have not counted the Neptune aspects, as they have proven last month to be a bit worthless when they are not that focussed. But the overall theme is still up for Oil.

Friday, September 01, 2017

Stock Market and Financial Astrology for September 2017

Stock Market and Financial Astrology for September 2017

Below are the planetary aspects for September 2017. I have put the afternoon count for the number of soft aspects (eg: 120 degrees) as U's, and hard aspects (eg: 180 degrees) as D's. I have highlighted in bold the special days, for U's and D's.

To begin with you can see the Mars aspects, show the stock markets will continue to be kept up with the positive mood, as there are more U's than D's, for early September. You can see then, that later the mood goes the other way, as there are more D's, in particular the last two Wednesdays of the month. 

Finally the Neptune aspects with and without the Moon, show a serious down turn for oil and other commodities. 

So expect a major down turn in the markets for September 2017. That means stocks will either fall with high volume, or stay put with very low volume. 

Bonds will do the opposite, and go up in price. Volatility will increase, with the VIX hitting to 20 maybe as a guess. Again, remember I am using the PM GMT count that is meant for US. 

Finally, this is all just for fun and games. Do not trade with this, as I am wrong most of the time, even last month was almost spot on. I will give mid-month review as before.

12U 15D

Fri PM 0U 0D
Mon PM 1U 1D
Tue PM 0U 1D

Wed PM 3U 4D
Thu PM 3U 0D
Fri PM 3U 1D

Mon PM 0U 2D
Tue PM 3U 0D
Wed PM 4U 1D

Thu PM 1U 1D
Fri PM 3U 0D

Mon PM 2U 0D
Tue PM 0U 1D
Wed PM 0U 4D

Thu PM 3U 2D
Fri PM 2U 0D

Mon PM 2U 2D
Tue PM 2U 1D
Wed PM 1U 4D
Thu PM 0U 5D

Fri PM 1U 0D

9U 11D

11U 20D

5U 14D

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Stock Market and Financial Astrology for August 2017

14 U's 13 D's

Just looking at the raw numbers for Mars, it is evenly balanced. But you can see that there is a focus of D's in the first two weeks, and then it is more U's. Translated that means that it is down for prices with high volume, or remain flat with low volume. Then it is the other way round when the U's kick in. 

Now look at the tables below to see the daily changes. I will put the results on Fridays.

Tue  PM 1U 0D
Wed PM 3U 5D
Thu PM 0U 2D
Fri PM 1U 0D

Result: Dow was up but S&P and Nasdaq were flat for the week in line with non-Mars boring aspects. Markets took a lot of heat and stayed buoyant with the Mars U's.

Mon PM 1U 2D
Tue PM 1U 2D
Wed PM 2U 0D

Thu PM 2U 3D
Fri PM 2U 0D
Mon PM 3U 3D

Tue PM 1U 1D
Wed PM 2U 1D
Thu PM 0U 1D
Fri 1U 1D

Result: Mars kept the pressure on Markets as predicted. The faster moving planets also kept the pressure. Only when the faster planets had more U's did we stay up on Wednesday. Going forward the prediction is favourable. So expect it to be easier to go up than to go down for the remainder of the month. Expect resiliency. Stocks will go up. 

Mon PM 1U 0D
Tue PM 1U 0D
Wed PM 1U 2D
Thu PM 3U 2D
Fri 3U 2D

Mon PM 0U 3D
Tue PM 1U 2D

Wed PM 3U 1D
Thu PM 1U 0D

As you can see, there are no massive days for PM's. There is no big imbalance for the PM periods. But you need to do the count for your time zone. Look for at least three hour period with two U's or D's to make a focus. The opposite is also true. If you do not see anything in a two hour period, there will be no follow through. As it stands, it all looks pretty boring for the PM's, but the background Mars aspects will dominate in the quiet periods, and that says down then up for the month. So look at the Mars aspect, then see if the faster planets are adding to it, for there to be a focus, in the time period you are in.

Finally I have included a new set of tables. What I did was to strip out the Moon from the Neptune aspects. I then went back to June, so that we can see the commodity, especially Oil correlations. 

It is really easy to see how the increase in U's took Oil up in late June and then July. And looks like more of same for August.

To sum up, the mood is positive, and everyone will look at the bright side of life for August, after a bit of a pull back. But then I have been so wrong before. You decide.