Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Free Stock and Forex Market Astrology Report for Wed 28 June '06

Below are the aspects for EU and US trading hours. As you can see there isn't that much of a focus for most of the time, with some hards in EU, and a focus in late US after close, which might mean a steep drop near the end.

GMT (US starts at 13:30)

07-08 ss
08-09 g
09-10 ss
10-11 shh
11-12 s
12-13 shh
13-14 hss
14-15 h
15-16 s
16-17 s
17-18 h
18-19 shs
19-20 s
20-21 h
21-22 hhhh

Hey, you can get these results yourself, if you get hold of an aspectarian. I can teach you how to interpret it all. Read my beginners guide, and get in touch with me on Wednesdays if you want it for free, otherwise you need to donate for a five minute chat.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Free Stock and Forex Market Astrology Report for Wed 21 June '06

Below is the free report for Wednesday 21 June 2006. Happy Solstice to all. And what an interesting day it is. Look at all those hard aspects packed in to make some focus during the US trading session. Boy will it fall, and then recover at the very end.

All Times are GMT (US starts at 13:30)

00-01 g
01-02 ss
02-03 ss <= Soft focus
03-04 h
04-05 hh <= Hard focus
05-06 s
06-07 ssh <= Soft focus
07-08 h
08-09 sss <= Soft focus
09-10 hh
10-11 hh <= Hard Focus
11-12 hss
12-13 h
13-14 hhs <= Hard Focus
14-15 hhshsh
15-16 hhhh <= Hard Focus
16-17 hhh <= Hard Focus
17-18 hsh
18-19 sh
19-20 ssh
20-21 ss <= Soft Focus
21-22 s
22-23 hs
23-24 hhhss

Please note what I have done here is nothing that special. You can do it. Just get hold of an aspectarian, program it to look for the aspects I mention in my beginners guide, and you should be able to get these results for yourself. But I am here on Wednesdays to help you for free if you want it. Send me an email to have a chat with the Yahoo Instant Messenger.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Free Stock and Forex Market Astrology Report for Fri 16 June '06

I usually post free aspects on Wednesdays, but I was not feeling too well - been having a surgery, and so I am posting some today. You can see that we have soft focus to start with, and then we have hard aspects in focus, with hard aspects to the end, which are not in focus. So up then down.

GMT (US starts at 13:30)

12-13 ss
13-14 hss <= soft focus
14-15 hs
15-16 ssh <= soft focus
16-17 sh
17-18 hhs <=hard focus
18-19 h
19-20 h
20-21 shs
21-22 h

What I use to create this info is an aspectarian. Anyone can do it. Please contact me via Yahoo Instant Messenger today for free info on how it is all done after you have read the beginners guide on this site, and the main site. Send me an email if you want to that I do not think you are spamming.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Mars in Leo 2006

Below are the hard and soft aspects of Mars, to the outer planets when it goes through Leo in 2006. Many people just look at these aspects for trading. Mars can give some very tight correlations.

For example from this moment on, we should be seeing the bottom of the stock markets, and a pretty good rally by second week in June. Then it goes the other way in the second half of June. See if you can figure out July for yourself.

05jun11 sssssh
12jun18 hssshssssshs
19jun25 shhhhs
26jun02 hhshhhh
03jul09 shhshs
09jul15 shhsshsshhssshs
16jul23 hsssshhhsh

These values are a simplified picture of an aspectarian set to the guidelines as written in the beginner's guide. Ask me questions for free on Wedensdays along with the free report that is posted.

Free Stock and Forex Market Astrology for Wed 7 June '06

Sorry folks could not get the free info out sooner. It is quite clear we have more hard focuses than soft ones.

All times GMT (US started at 13:30)

13-14 hhss
14-15 hhs
15-16 hhh <= hard focus
16-17 hs
17-18 g
18-19 sh
19-20 h
20-21 hhh <= hard focus
21-22 h
22-23 hs
23-24 g

As said, you can get in touch with me via Yahoo Instant Messenger, if you let me know via email using the link on this blog for free on Wednesdays. In fact the other night I felt like sharing some info for free, and it was very interesting. Please use the link, make the necessary changes, so that I know you are not a spammer.