Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Free Stock and Forex Market Astrology for Wed 26 July 06

Hard asoects late EU and early US will depress markets, even though there is a sudden rise in between the two. Rest of the time there are more hard aspects, even though they are not focused, so the markets will be flat to down.

GMT (US starts at 13:30 and ends at 20:15)

00-01 g
01-02 hh
02-03 sh
03-04 s
04-05 hhs
05-06 g
06-07 h
07-08 g
08-09 sh
09-10 h
10-11 hhh <= hard focus
11-12 shh
12-13 sssh <= soft focus
13-14 shhh <= hard focus
14-15 hh
15-16 g
16-17 sh
17-18 h
18-19 sh
19-20 hs
20-21 g
21-22 ss
22-23 shh
23-24 hshshs

Anyone can create this report from an Aspectarian. Read beginners guide and then ask me questions for free on Wednesdays.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Free Stock and Forex Market Astrology Report for Wednesday 19 July '06

Dull start in EU, PM buoyant with softs, AM US has gyrations, PM US will crash with all those hards or will stay flat will very low volume if there is manipulation. And there is manipulation. How? Look at how some large components will be bought by US authorities to lessen volatilies. It does happen. If they do not intervene we will see massive drops. Be warned.

All times GMT (US starts at 13:30, ends at 20:15)

00-01 sh
01-02 sh
02-03 s
03-04 hs
04-05 hss
05-06 hhhsh <= hard focus
06-07 hs
07-08 sh
08-09 g <= gaps
09-10 g <= gaps
10-11 sh
11-12 hh
12-13 sss <= soft focus
13-14 hhs
14-15 sshh
15-16 hhsh
16-17 hs
17-18 g <= gap
18-19 hhh <= hard focus
19-20 hh <= hard focus
20-21 hh <= hard focus
21-22 hhhs <= hard focus
22-23 ssh
23-24 hs

This analysis can be done by anyone. I will help you for free via my Instant Messenger service on Wednesdays for free.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Free Stock and Forex Market Astrology Report for Wednesday 12 Jul '06

Hard focus in Asian trading will help US dollar and but drop Asian stocks, and early EU stocks. Soft focus in US to begin with will raise US, getting mixed to hard that will make it difficult for it to go up, but later on the markets will go up with the softer aspects.

GMT (US trades from 13:30 to 20:15)

00-01 sss <= soft focus
01-02 g
02-03 hh
03-04 shs
04-05 s
05-06 hhh <= hard focus
06-07 g
07-08 hhss
08-09 hhhs <= hard focus
09-10 shssh
10-11 s
11-12 shs
12-13 sssh <= soft focus
13-14 sh
14-15 hsh
15-16 hh
16-17 shh
17-18 ss
18-19 s
19-20 s
20-21 hs
21-22 s
22-23 g
23-24 s

This report can be easily done by anyone who reads the beginners guide and uses a good aspectarian. If you need help, then you can get it for free from me on Wednesdays only via Instant Messenger.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Free Stock and Forex Market Astrology for Wed 05 July '06

Below are the hard soft and gaps (no aspects) within each hour. I have found that when you have a couple or more aspects of the same kind within 20 mins, then they have have a focus and have an effect on the markets. For example we have a focus of hard aspects just before the US starts and then later on. So it will be hard for the market to go up, and easier for it to go down in those times.

All times are GMT (US starts at 13:30 and closes at 20)

12-13 hhhh <= hard focus
13-14 sh
14-15 g
15-16 hshs
16-17 g
17-18 hhshh <= hard focus
18-19 h
19-20 h
20-21 s

Anyone can deduce these aspects from an accurate aspectarian. The aspects actually take place at an exact time, and they have different weightings. So the example above is a gross simplification. For more info send me an email and then chat with me for free on Wednesdays, and we will go into the details which give you much more power.