Friday, September 23, 2011

Market Astrology: Astrological aspects for Friday 23 September 2011

All the aspects GMT 23 Sept 2011

You would think that, with all the fall we have had in the markets, and all the discussions that we have had, that all the so called "bad news", is in the market.  Well, there are more hard aspects for today.  So logically it should not go down.  Astrologically it says something else.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Market Astrology: Major Aspects of Inner Planets and Moon for Tuesday and Wednesday 20-21 September 2011

Table of the Major Aspects of Inner Planets and Moon

Above is a table of the major aspects of the inner planets and moon.  What I have done is to just look at the fast moving aspects that are powerful.  So you do not see many other aspects. At the time of writing this it is 18:18 GMT, and the market is up with the U.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Market Astrology: Mars in Leo 2011 from September to November 2011.

Table showing the aspects made by Mars in Leo in 2011

Above is a table showing the aspects Mars is making to the slower stellar entities, as it passes through Leo in 2011.  Simply put, this week and the first week of November have focused soft aspects.  Now remember that Mars should be used with the other planets, that change their aspects more frequently, like Mercury, Venus and the aspects of the Sun, if you want to get a good idea what it will be like from one week to the next.

For daily signals you need to look at the aspects of the Moon as well.  And you need all of them if you are trading from one minute to the next.  And it is not that accurate.  It is just another guide.  Either way, it does not look too promising, if you think this market has bottomed out, if D produces a down for you, at what you call your market.  You need to look at Mars in Cancer, Gemini to see what those aspects did at, whatever it is you are looking at, and then extrapolate.  If there is a correlation, then hey you have cracked it for your market.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Market Astrology of US: Non Farm Payroll for 2nd September 2011

Above is the typical set of aspects for all the Moon and stellar entities.  I have chosen to show it for the highlight point in the economic calendar, namely the non-farm payroll day for USA.  The stats appear in a D, but most of the day it is U.