Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Market Astrology Wednesday 27 April 2011

If you looked at the Mars table you would have seen that it has a number of soft aspects from 27th April. Within that period we have Mercury Venus and Sun being soft. Within that period we have the Moon getting soft at certain times with major aspects (>80 degrees). So it should be a strong reaction, normally up in a high volume stock index like Dow Jones or S&P futures. Of course all bets are off if the market decides to halt trading because a major announcement is being made by a central banker. So volume is key. All times GMT.

Market Astrology using Mercury Venus Sun for 25 April-6 May 2011

As you can see there are still more hard aspects ahead. Keep an eye on Mars tables as before. You need the hourly Moon aspects as well.  I will post those on the various interesting days, as and when. I will post the new Mars table as soon as it goes into Taurus.

What you need to do, to look to see, if there is a particular correlation of the aspects to whatever it is you are looking at.  It is not restricted to markets per se.  It can be against all other types of behaviour.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Market Astrology: Mercury Venus Sun 18-22 April 2011

Table of major aspects made by Mercury Venus and Sun

Compare this table with the one for last week (11-15 April 2011), and see what the difference are in the distribution of aspects. I have not changed any of the parameters apart from the date range. If you look at the Mars table you will see that it is still showing D. So the moments when we have Ds in this table, and the daily one, should be the most powerful for a D situation. 

Table of all major aspects

Above you will see the table of aspects for Monday (tomorrow) 18th April 2011. If you look at the table above that you can see that it shows a D for Monday.  In this table we can see the major aspects of the Moon, not all the aspects.  Again you can see moments in the day when there are a lot of Us and Ds.  Now, as I said last week, there are times when the Moon is making Us when all the other planets are making Ds.  As the other planets' aspects last longer, then you would expect the Moon's effect to be less.  So it will be like an uptrend in a major down wave.  You need to establish the long term trend correlations for the market you are looking at, and then make the adjustments. Remember stick to high volume products and times are all GMT. 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Market Astrology: The effect of Mars in Aries 2011.

What I have done is not what most ordinary Astrologers do. I have not only selected a special set of aspects, but then selected the most powerful ones for Mars only.  What that does, is to filter out a lot of the minor aspects, that can confuse.  The big D in the middle shows the period when the hard aspects are strongest for a long time, after the soft aspected periods marked by the two Us before and after it. M means mixed. This type of analysis is not the only thing you need to do if you want to understand the Astrology of the market.  You need to also look at the faster entities in our solar system.  So you need to look at the movement of Venus Sun and Mercury.  They produce a lot of angles and it is not practical to produce all that data for the whole month.  And then you have the aspects that the Moon is making from one minute to the next to everything else. I can produce a lot of tables like the one and please contact me on aliwho@gmail.com with "Ali I am Confused about Astrology" in the Subject line for me to read your email.


I have put aspects for all the other faster entities on the recent posts.

Astrological prediction for market traders 11-15 April 2011

Table of all major aspects

Table of major aspects made by Mercury Venus and Sun

There are two tables above.  One for all the major aspects for Tuesday 12 April 2011.  The one below is the one for this week from 11th to 15th April 2011.  I have chosen just the Tuesday so that we can focus in on the moment when everything is soft.  So just look at the table below it, and see the aspects for Tuesday which are soft.  Then find the moment when the Moon is there with soft aspects.  Now you will notice that there are periods of hard aspects that are made by just the Moon on its own.  This is when we have one entity, namely the Moon, going counter to the other entities. So that means that it should not be that powerful. There are those who disagree, and just look at the Moon. Let's see. The wonderful thing is, that I have seen the Moon do this so many times. We should theoretically get a move down in an otherwise broader up trend for the day, or maybe the market would just hold and the volume would fall.  That way everybody would be happy. Any questions email me on aliwho@gmail.com, with the subject header stating "I am confused about Astrology". All times GMT, and this never changes btw.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Market Astrology Prediction for Monday 4th April and Tuesday 5th April 2011.

Above is the table using the same filters to select the special aspects I mentioned before but for all the bodies moving in our Solar System.  As you can see the Moon's movement is more than all of them, and there are a lot of aspects. I have tried to find the moments when there are a lot of the same aspects, and marked them with Ds and Us. See if they correlate to any of the high volume markets you are looking at.  In fact on this level you can apply it to a lot of day to day activities.  This the cutting edge of this work.  You can take it one more step and that is to include the minor aspects as well.  It can then get pretty hairy.  Again get in touch with me on aliwho@gmail.com with Subject Line stating "Ali I'm confused about Astrology".  I will then tell you about my charges.

Market Astrology: Major Aspects of Mercury Venus Sun from 28 March to 8 April 2011

Above is a table of using the same filter as I did in the previous report for Mars in Aries.  This time I have just looked at Mercury, Venus and Sun, which make more aspects per unit time than Mars does.  Here you can see what time periods there is a focus of aspects.  The next level is to use the Moon and really see the minute by minute aspects.  But they change so quickly that there effects are not as enduring as these or the Mars ones.  Again contact me on aliwho@gmail.com with "Ali I am confused about Astrology" in the Subject line for me to see your email.

Now as I have included last week's data, you should be able to see if there is any correlation to the market you are looking at.  If there is no correlation, then check the volume.  These aspects work well with high volume markets what ever the flavour is.