Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Market Astrology: Mars in Gemini 2011

I have marked the weeks on the left. This very simple table of major Mars aspects shows how most of the strong aspects are hard in Gemini. So find a window when the Mars, Mercury Venus and Sun are all the same aspects, and you will see a strong correlation if the Lunar aspects are there for a half an hour. That is a lot of ifs, but it does happen. GMT.

Market Astrology for Solstice Day June 21st 2011

This is an Aspectarian for the whole of the Solstice day of 21 June 2011. It is really interesting coincidence that there are plenty of soft aspects until the Solstice Point and then it is all hard.  Gyrations! Reports like this are what day traders use to predict the minute by minute movements in high volume markets. IT should be used with the Mercury Venus Sun Report, and the Mars Report. New Mars in Gemini Report will appear shortly, which will give the long term outlook. GMT.

Market Astrology: Mercury Venus Sun 20-24 June 2011

More hards than softs. GMT

Monday, June 13, 2011

Market Astrology of Mercury Venus and Sun Aspects for 13-17 June 2011

Last week showed that if you have a mixed aspects between Mercury Venus and Sun, the Mars aspect will dominate.  Another way is to see how the hard aspects had more effect than softs as they synchronized with the Mars hards.  This week it is even clearer. For day traders you need to look at the Moon from one minute to the next. GMT.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Market Astrology: Mercury Venus Sun for 6-10 June 2011

Above is the table of the strong aspects between Mercury Venus and Sun to other slower entities. Choppy week ahead with a balance between the number of softs and hard with this analysis.  But you need to look at the Moon to really see what is happening during the day.

Friday, June 03, 2011

Market Astrology of US Non-Farm Payroll Day 3 June 2011

It is always fun to look at astrology of the moment of the announcement of the US Non Farm Payroll data. It happens at 12:30 GMT or around where I have put the arrow on the table above. I wish I could say that there were a lot of aspects (angles between Planets or Moon and Planets).  I have picked the periods in the day when there are a few or more exact aspects of hard (D) or soft ones (U). There are loads of short period pairs of aspects, and that means there is no real conviction as it were. So we look at the back ground aspects such as the ones involving Mercury Venus and Sun and Mars, and then you can see they are supportive of the market. So all in all it looks supportive, which means that it is easier to go up, and harder to go down. But I think it will be a bit of an anti-climax either way, as massive moves usually have more aspects involved. And if I was right, I would be a zillionnaire. lol.