Friday, July 29, 2005

Market Astrology for Friday 29 July 2005

Hard aspects near Noon GMT dropped the Dax, after a listless morning. The Euro fell with the same hards to 1.2075 from 1.2133. A set of softs in early US trading lifted the US stock markets a bit. The softs became less focused and the stock markets drifted lower and paused just before the hard aspects appeared at Noon US, and the Nasdaq was off as much as 0.6%. Again the softer aspects buoyed the markets and lifted them 0.2%, but the hard aspects near the close dragged the markets to close at the low of the day. On the currency side, the US dollar went through some wild gyrations with the same hard aspects around Noon US.

Interesting thoughts about this week are the effect of Mars's hard aspects versus the soft aspects from one 15 minute period to the next. Just looking at Mars's aspects is not enough. Obviously with Mars hard aspects being abundant, when there are hard aspects in the horary aspects, the down swings are very strong, but the aspects of the moment are most important.


00-01 h
01-02 ss
02-03 h
03-04 ss
04-05 hss
05-06 hsss
06-07 sshh
07-08 h
08-09 s
09-10 hs
10-11 ss
11-12 hhh
12-13 hh
13-14 hsssss
14-15 ss
15-16 ss
16-17 shshh
17-18 s
18-19 hs
19-20 ssh
20-21 hhhh
21-22 g
22-23 h
23-24 sh

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Market Astrology for Thursday 28 July 2005

Hard aspects in AM EU held the Dax at bay. Hard aspects in AM US kept the stock markets there at bay, whilst the US dollar dropped to 1.2150. Softer aspects later on took the US stock markets up.


00-01 hhss
01-02 h
02-03 g
03-04 hs
04-05 sh
05-06 ssshh
06-07 sh
07-08 s
08-09 hh
09-10 s
10-11 hss
11-12 hh
12-13 hhs
13-14 h
14-15 h
15-16 shhs
16-17 g
17-18 shss
18-19 s
19-20 hss
20-21 hsh
21-22 hhhh
22-23 h
23-24 hshhs

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Mars in Taurus 2005-2006

Mars moves into Taurus tomorrow 28 July 2005. Mars usually spends a month or so in a sign. It is very rare for it to spend six months in a sign, let alone in Taurus. For further information you need to consult an Aspectarian or an Ephemeris. Many of the aspects I use are not obvious, and are not easily obtainable. Email me if you need my premium service.

25jul31 ssshhhh
01aug07 shhshssh
08aug14 hhhshssh
15aug21 hhhshsh
22aug28 hssshhhhshs
29aug/sep04 shh
05sep11 ssssh
12sep18 hsh
19sep25 hhhh
26sep/oct2 ss
03oct09 h
10oct16 hshs
17oct23 shssss
24oct30 hssshsshhhs
31oct/nov06 sssssshhhh
07nov13 shhshss
14nov20 shhhhsshh
21nov27 shhssh
28nov/dec04 hhh
05dec11 hsshhs
12dec18 sh
19dec25 ssshh
26dec/jan01 shhhhh
02jan08 hshs
09jan15 shshsh
16jan22 hshhshshsh
23jan29 hsss
30jan/feb05 hhhsssshs
06feb12 shhshshs
13feb19 shhhhhhss

Free Market Astrology for Wed 27 July 2005

Below are the free aspects for Wednesday. Look at moments when there are hh or ss or more in a row and see if the markets followed the aspects.

h = hard aspect
s = soft aspect
g = gap in aspects


00-01 hhss
01-02 hh
02-03 hh
03-04 hs
04-05 sh
05-06 hs
06-07 hs
07-08 s
08-09 hs
09-10 hsh
10-11 hh
11-12 s
12-13 hs
13-14 sh
14-15 sshh
15-16 ss
16-17 s
17-18 sh
18-19 hss
19-20 g
20-21 shhs
21-22 hh
22-23 hss
23-24 ss

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Market Astrology for Tuesday 26 July 2005

AM EU had a lot of softs early on; which took the Dax up, and the Euro hit 1.2066. More hards later on dropped the Euro to 1.1990. PM EU had less aspects, but more hards than softs, which pressured markets; with the US stock market remaining flat and the US $ mixed. PM US had a focus of 5 softs; that took the US stock markets up 0.4%, stalled the drop in US dollar from 1.1940 to 1.2040.


0-1 h
1-2 hs
2-3 g
3-4 hhsh
4-5 hhh
5-6 hs
6-7 sssss
7-8 hh
8-9 shh
9-10 sh
10-11 hshh
11-12 hs
12-13 hssh
13-14 h
14-15 s
15-16 g
16-17 shss
17-18 sss
18-19 g
19-20 hshs
20-21 g
21-22 hhhss
22-23 g
23-24 hhss

Monday, July 25, 2005

Market Astrology for Monday 25 July 2005

More hards than softs dropped the Dax 0.6%, and the Euro fell to 1.2030, then rose to 1.2080 later on in the morning. PM hards dropped the US markets, and the Euro rose to 1.2090. PM US paused a bit with the softs, but then fell further with the hards.

Below are the aspects for Monday 25 July 2005


0-1 hshsshhs
1-2 ssh
2-3 hss
3-4 g
4-5 shh
5-6 h
6-7 sh
7-8 sh
8-9 h
9-10 ss
10-11 s
11-12 shhh
12-13 g
13-14 sh
14-15 s
15-16 s
16-17 h
17-18 hhh
18-19 hssss
19-20 hsh
20-21 g
21-22 hsh
22-23 hhsh
23-24 hs

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Mars in Aries

I had posted these aspects for Mars in Aries in the previous site, and as we have this week left, I thought I would bring it over. h means hard, s means soft. Look at the week of 4-10 July, where there are loads of softs. Now look at the US stock market for that week. It went up nicely. It is not that clear always, and we need to look at a lot of other aspects. I will show those in due course of time.

13jun19 hhhssshs

20jun26 shhhhhshsh

27jun03 ssshhhsshhhsh

04jul10 hssssss

11jul17 shhhssh

18jul24 hshhshss

25jul31 ssshhhh

Saturday, July 23, 2005


Capricorn is rising just now at my house, and the Sun has just finished making a conjunction to Saturn. I thought, "hey why not start a new blog with this event."