Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Free Stock and Currency Market Astrology Report for Wed 27 Sept 06

Below are the soft (s), hard (h) and periods of no aspects (g) between Planets and the Moon. The moments when there are more than a couple of similar aspects (depicted as focus) effect the mood of market traders; such that soft aspects make it easier for the market to go up than down, and hard aspects make it easier for the market to down than to go up. Gaps in aspects then to keep the markets flat.

So the aspects today show that the US market has a good start, but a bad ending, with a very boring imbetween.

All Times are GMT (US starts trading from 08:30 until 20:15)

00-01 h
01-02 shs
02-03 hsss <= soft focus
03-04 shh
04-05 h
05-06 hshs
06-07 hhh <= hard focus
07-08 hs
08-09 hhs
09-10 ssh
10-11 h
11-12 hhhs <= hard focus
12-13 h
13-14 g
14-15 ssss <= soft focus
15-16 hh
16-17 g
17-18 s
18-19 g
19-20 sh
20-21 shhh <= hard focus
21-22 shshhh <= hard focus
22-23 hss
23-24 shh

Please note that the above information is derived from an Aspectarian. My job is to teach anyone interested in finding these aspects by themselves. Contact me via the email link on this site with the subject line stating "Intro Market Astrology". A free consulting service is available only on Wednesdays.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Neptune, Oil and Politics from June to Nov 2006

Aspects to Neptune effect major commodities especially oil. They also effect any form of political idealism, or idealism of any sort. Of course it effects music and drama. The purpose of this analysis is to see if the aspects, be they hard (h) or soft (s), took the price of oil down and up respectively, in weeks when there was an abundance of one form or the other. Check out the last week in August when there was an abundance of hard aspects. That dropped oil.

05Jun11 hhss
12Jun18 sshh
19Jun25 shs
26J/J02 hhss
03Jul09 sh
10Jul16 hshss
17Jul23 ssh
24Jul30 ss
31J/A06 hss
07Aug13 hshhss
14Aug20 shh
21Aug27 hhhh
28A/S03 hshsss
04Sep10 hssh
11Sep17 hshhssh
18Sep24 hhssh
25S/O01 shs
02Oct08 hshs
09Oct15 ssh
16Oct22 g
23Oct29 shhh
30O/N05 g
06Nov12 hshhshhhhh
13Nov19 hhhhh
20Nov26 sss

Does it get better, not really. Look at November, when it will completely crash, after a quiet to may be rising period. Translated to politics, this is bad for all ideologists. So if I wanted a time to really hammer out the political ideologues and dogma, I would look out for those hard aspected times.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Free Stock and Forex Market Astrology for Wed 13 Sep 06

Below is an example of the one day report. The hard (h), soft (s) and unaspected or gaps (g) in aspects are shown. Markets tend to react to moments when there is a focus of one kind of aspect. However today there are not that many focused times, so the markets should be on the boring side. Even then, there are more hard aspects than soft ones in US trading, so the markets could be a little easier to go down.

All times are GMT (US starts at 13:30 and closes at 20:15)

00-01 hss
01-02 hsh
02-03 hhss
03-04 ss
04-05 s
05-06 s
06-07 sss <= soft focus
07-08 hs
08-09 hh
09-10 g
10-11 ssshhh <= soft and hard focus
11-12 h
12-13 h
13-14 hsh
14-15 hs
15-16 g
16-17 hhss
17-18 h
18-19 sh
19-20 ss
20-21 g
21-22 ss
22-23 shh
23-24 shsh

There are more sophisticated means of analysis if you have an aspectarian and are trained to use it. I give free reports and chat on Wednesdays, if you email me first. Please note that what I do is pure research and I do not advise people to trade using Astrology.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Free Stock and Forex Market Astrology report for Wed 05 Sep. '06

All times are GMT (US starts at 13:30 and ends at 20:15)

00-01 hshh
01-02 g
02-03 hs
03-04 ss
04-05 s
05-06 ss
06-07 g
07-08 shss
08-09 ss
09-10 shhshh <= hard focus
10-11 hhss
11-12 hs
12-13 ssh
13-14 hs
14-15 hs
15-16 h
16-17 hs
17-18 hs
18-19 h
19-20 s
20-21 hh
21-22 sh
22-23 hss
23-24 hh

Above is a simplification of the aspects I look at. You should be able to identify them from a good aspectarian. Any questions, then email me and then get on the Yahoo Instand Messenger link with me for 5 mins for free, and get free answers on Wednesdays.