Friday, April 16, 2010

Goldman Sachs Free Market Astrology: Sun to Mars for 16-17 April 2010

Sometimes you want a simple view of what the fast moving stellar entities are doing.  It is very a useful scan if you want to know what the background that is changing a lot, like the fast moving planets and Sun.  These are Mercury, Venus, Mars and Sun.

Sometimes you look at events, announcements, and you try to see if the stellar aspects will effect it.  Let's take the dive on Wall Street with regard to the Goldman Sachs.

Now put these two concepts together, and you get what many call Horary Astrology.  I am not strictly going by Horary rules here, but a lot of this applies.

So what is the bottom line.  Lots of D and d as you can see.  Obviously we need the lunar aspects, and all of the other exact aspects to have the complete picture, as you saw on Wednesday.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Free Market Astrology Lesson for Wednesday 14 April 2010

All times GMT.  So US opens at 01:30pm GMT. The day is in three parts.
01:30 pm-02:07 pm U and u means easier to go up. No real focus, so not strong.
02:53 pm-06:29 pm mostly D, again no focus, so not strong.
07:06 pm-08:04 pm mostly u and U, good focus, so strong.

This report is free, and use it against anything you wish.  The applications are as  diverse as life itself.

Friday, April 02, 2010

Mars Jan to March 2010

Above are images of a software I use to generate what are called Aspectarians.  I was over at an Astrology forum today, where I was rather surprised to find how unaware some people are.  So for the sake of truth, look and learn.  I have made it really easy.  Look at the number of U or u (for up forces) and D or d (for down forces).  These are exact aspects, so anyone should be able to recreate them.  You will see why the markets have moved the way they have.  I cannot codify all the aspects to Us and Ds.

Of course there are even more accurate minute by minute tables as well.  But good old Mars has been forecasting the big moves for thousands of years.