Saturday, March 31, 2018

Stock Market Astrology for April 2018

Review of Stock Market Astrology Report for March 2108

It turned out to be as expected. A month with a good start, then falls, then a recovery. There were surprises, and errors as any research activity has. But all in all the system does work.

I used Facebook comments section as much as possible, trying to simplify and make the analysis as intuitive as possible, with colour lines. The market can only be three things at certain time periods, unchanged, up or down. So it is easy to show when things are right and wrong. And this is clearly shown at the end of each day.

What has been new, has been the correlation to the Geomagnetic data. Many have looked at Sun spots numbers, but I do not know anyone looking at Geomagnetic correlation to human moods and market movements.

I also started to post natal charts on companies making the news. We saw how clearly the recent Mars Saturn conjunction hit various companies and their owners. That technique is very well known. I recommend many to look at the chart of all stocks they use. Use their date of incorporation and when they went public.

Stock Market Astrology for April 2018

Basic Introduction

You will see the number of U's and D's for the faster planets for each day. This month I have decided to put the Mars number in as well. That way you know the background power involved. Also I am not saying too much as it is a very clear month.

How it works.

First look at the Mars table below. Find the next Mars D or U on the date. That is what I call the background Mars aspect, in the daily updates at the comments in Facebook. As you can see we have more D's for most of April.

11 U 15 D

Next look at the faster planets D's and U's, for the day and time period you are looking at. If the background Mars is a U and the faster planets are U, then it is strong. But remember it the next Mars aspect and not the one that has passed. Also look ahead if there is not the Mars for the next day. 

Mon PM 3U 5D Mars 1U

Tue PM 3U 0D Mars 3U 2D
Wed PM 2U 2D Mars 2D
Thu PM 2U 2D
Fri PM 2U 2D

Sat Mars 1U
Mon PM 4U 3D Mars 1D

Tue PM 0U 4D
Wed PM 1U 1D
Thu PM 1U 0D
Fri PM 2U 3D Mars 1D 

Sun Mars 1U 1D
Mon PM 2U 2D Mars 2D
Tue PM 1U 1D

Wed PM 3U 1D
Thu PM 3U 3D Mars 1U 1D
Fri PM 4U 1D Mars 1U
Sat Mars 1U 2D

Mon PM 0U 2D
Tue PM 1U 1D
Wed PM 2U 2D Mars 1U 1D
Thu PM 0U 0D Mars 2U

Fri PM 1U 2D Mars 1D

Mon PM 3U 3D Mars 1D

Finally look at the Neptune tables for commodities.


For the most part April is down, apart from days like the 20th. It is that clear. But please read the updates at the Facebook page to see any changes to the forecast. Also please come back here often as I spot errors and change my values.