Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Free Aspects of Planets and Moon for Stock and Currency trading on 12 December 2007

Below are the aspects for the period the US markets are trading.

You need to get in touch with me to get the codes. Free interpretation will be given after the close.

From 02:35 to 02:52PM GMT or from 09:35 to 09:52 AM EST, there were three soft aspects, well focused. That rose the US markets very easily.

Then the harder aspects appeared 03:11 to 03:40 PM GMT or 10:11 to 10:52 AM EST that dropped the markets.

Then there was no two aspects in sequence until Noon US, and the markets remained flat, moving a little up and a little down, as the individual hard and soft aspects came and went.

Then the three hard aspects between 06:06 and 06:51 PM GMT or 01:06 and 01:51 PM EST, that were not that focussed but they managed to drop the markets a bit.

The next set of aspects were even less focussed, and so the markets remained flat, until there was another minor focus of hard aspects in the last hour, and it dropped the markets, until the last ten minutes.

There were a couple of soft aspects at 09:00 and 09:26 PM GMT or 04:00 and 04:26 PM EST, which made the markets go up in a good rally.

This system is far from perfect, but it can give a lot of signals to some people. And it does go wrong. But it is a lot of fun correlating.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Astrology of Oil December 2007

Apart from Thursday, the rest of the month has more hard aspects, than soft aspects. So expect a little pop up and then more downs for oil and commodities in general. Last month correlated very well.


Nice pop as correlated.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Free Aspects of Planets and Moon for Stock and Currency trading on 28 November 2007

Below is the Aspectarian for the US trading session of 28 November 2007. You will see all of the exact aspects that I look at. There are times when there is a focus of aspects that are hard or times when the aspects are soft. At those times the markets will find it easier to go up (soft aspects) or down (hard aspects). Please read the detailed explanation. Most of these aspects are made by fast moving objects, like the Moon, so the individual aspects do not last, so when a number of aspects take place within a 30 minute period, the effect is stronger. That is what I mean by focus. But there are slower moving stellar objects that have more long term effects, like Mars. That is why the markets moved lower much more in November compared to October, because Mars was mostly hard. So whenever the Moon and the other slower moving bodies were all hard, we had sharp moves down in the markets. Psychologically the people trading were more tuned to the bad news than the good news. Everything seemed half empty as it were.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mars took the markets up then down.

Below are the aspects that Mars made to the outer planets during October and November. You can see how there were more soft aspects in October, that took the markets up, and there were more hard aspects in November, that took the markets down.

Please get in touch with me if you feel you would like next month's Mars aspects. Price on application.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Free Aspects of Planets and Moon for Stock and Currency trading on 21 November 2007

Above is an example of the service I provide. It is an Aspectarian of the times when the US markets open in GMT. You should be able to see the focus of soft aspects.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Free Aspects of Planets and Moon for Stock and Currency trading on 07 November 2007

Below is an Aspectarian during the US trading session in GMT.

Eight hard aspects, versus eleven soft aspects. Softs to Uranus and Jupiter are focused first near Noon EST, and the hards to Uranians and Saturn near the close. So its a bit of a roller coaster.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Astrology of Oil

We all know what the price of oil has done. Some people cannot explain the leaps it has made towards peak oil everyday, as shown in the chart below:

I just came across this article on the price of oil, and could not help myself to produce the aspects to Neptune, that correlate really well to the price of oil.

Below are the screen prints from the aspectarian I use.

Honestly it does not take rocket science to see the correlation between the soft aspects and the price rises. Contact me (click me) for the codes, and how you can know the aspects for any time period for a fee. Meanwhile see if the aspects for November are right.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Astrology of Federal Reserve Hours on 31 Oct 2007

Above is the Aspectarian for the "very hot" moment, when the US Federal Reserve, keeps all the traders on the edges of their seats. The announcement is made around 07:15 PM GMT, or 02:15 PM EST. You can see a focus of hard aspects from 07:41 PM GMT (02:41 PM EST) to 08:10 PM GMT (03:10 EST). There are also a couple of soft aspects near the close, but they are not focused, so their effect is not that strong.

The hard aspects tend to make up moves difficult, in the periods when there is a focus, as I have pointed out. So if the Fed goes and drops the interest rates more than expected, then it will be a bit difficult for the stock markets to go up from 02:41 to 03:10 PM EST. But if it the Fed did not surprise the market, and reduced the interest rates as expected, then the markets would fall, and would accelerate their fall in that focused hard period from 02:41 to 03:10 PM EST.

As you can see, this interpretation has absolutely nothing of me in it. It is purely based on systematic analysis. And of course it does go wrong, and that is why it really should be used for research purposes only. Do not trade on this.

I just noticed that the US is actually 4 hours behind GMT and that they had not put their clocks back. Looking at the aspects in fact there was just one hard at 06:12 pm GMT. So it is clear how the markets fell to that, and then rose to the soft at 07:00. But notice that the second soft is more than 30 minutes away, and that is why the markets lost their momentum and fell. The hard focus should drop the markets now quite well.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Saturn and Mars vs Bill Gates and Microsoft Astrology

Microsoft Horoscope

Bill Gates Horoscope

Above are the two horoscopes of Microsoft and Bill Gates. If you know where Mars and Saturn are, you should be able to see clearly the challenges ahead. More info contact me.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dow Jones Industrial Average

1 minute Chart of the Dow. It should refresh if you hit F5 on your keyboard.

$INDU Stock Charts - Dow Jones Industrial Average Stock Market Charts - Free Stock Charts

Free Aspects of Planets and Moon for Stock and Currency trading on 23 October 2007

Above is an example of the sort of work I do. It is the Aspectarian in GMT for the period the US markets trade. Contact me if you do not have the codes and cannot see when there are periods to buy and sell the market.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Mars and the Stock Market from 03-16 Oct '07

To find out more, you need to donate and ask questions.

As an update, you can see that the harder aspects did bring the markets down.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Planetary transits in Google's Horoscope

Above is Google's Horoscope, and below is the transit for today.

As you can see the Saturn transit is not that far away from the Sun. Saturn is 4 degrees Virgo and Google's Sun is 14 degrees Virgo.

This form of Astrology is called Mundane Astrology. Let's see how good it is. Well if you look at the movement of Uranus over Google's Moon and Jupiter, you will see why it has move up so well. Recently Saturn went into Virgo and it is now over Google's Venus and North Node. It will slowly approach the Sun. Saturn going over Sun is not good. We all know the ramifications on humans. It really brings you down to Earth. So one would expect the price of Google stock that is rocketing up, to come to a halt, and come down in the long term.

I say long term because Mars is going to be making favourable aspects in its long stay in Cancer. But to see the very short term correlations, we need to look at Venus, Mercury, Sun and the Moon on the chart. If you look at Venus, it is going to join Saturn in Virgo soon and so be there as a benefic that will cancel any negative vibes from Saturn. But once it has passed over Google's Sun by the end of this month, then there will just be Saturn. To find out more get in touch with me. This form of analysis can be done on any stock, as long as we have the date of the formation of the company.

Friday, August 31, 2007

The Fed vs the Stars

If you had an Aspectarian, you would see the table below, just at the same time as the Fed chairman was speaking. Normally the world stands still when the Fed chairman speaks. Well look at these hard aspects. The mood of the market would be to see everything he says with dire pessimism.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Free Aspects of Planets and Moon for Stock and Currency trading on 22 Aug 2007

Below are the Aspects of all Planets and Moon for:



See if you can find the soft focus in Asia, and hard focus in US. Any questions email me, for my tarrif.

Mars aspect report for 15-28 Aug 07

Below is the Aspectarian for Mars from last week to next week. You can see that there aren't any soft aspects until early next week.

And then there is a Mars Cupido opposition.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Free Aspects of Planets and Moon for Stock and Currency trading on 15 Aug 2007

Below are the aspects for Asian trading.

There are some soft aspects in Asia.

Below are the aspects for EU and US trading.

AM EU has unfocused aspects, and so will not be very interesting.

Late PM EU and US looks to fall from 04:17 GMT or 12:17 EDT to 04:48 GMT or 12:48 EDT with a focus of soft aspects, and then rise between 05:22pm GMT or 01:22 EDT to 06:09 GMT or 02:09 EDT when there is a focus of softs, and then fall some more with the hards until the close.

Email me for my rates on explanation, codes, or custom made aspectarians.

Mars and the Stock Market from 7-21 Aug 2007

Below are the aspects Mars has been making in the past week, and will be making in the next week.

Hard aspects are still prominent. So everyone will still over react to any negative news.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Market Astrology of 10 Aug 2007

Below are the aspects for US today. All times are GMT, so you need to subtract 4 hours for New York.

And below is the Dow for today

Email me for questions. But notice the soft aspects that took the market up and the hard on the close.