Monday, May 29, 2017

Stock Market and Financial Astrology for June 2017

Below are the main aspects between the Moon and Planets, the Inner Planets and the Outer Planets, and finally between Mars and the Outer Planets. The format has changed, there is more info, but only for a month. 

As explained before, the technique is to look at the Mars for an overall view. Then focus in the Inner Planet aspects, and then go into the detailed Moon aspects. Don't go the other way round. You will lose the perspective.

The thesis for this work is that there are strong correlations when we have a lot of D's or U's in a given unit of time. So look for a few D's in AM or PM and then look at the Moon. If it is also doing the same, then one of two things will happen. Let us assume we have D's and you have seen it to mean down for the Dow. Then either the volume of the market going up will drop, or the Dow will drop. 

The key is to look for moments when there are NOT many D's or U's in focus. That means you can go and have a break, as it will be boring.

Remember this is only a game. Have fun, and it is incredibly useful in everyday life. I can only tell you my interpretation if you pay me. And I know some of you are a lot better than me on all this. Enjoy.

24 June 2017: for some peculiar reason the comments do not seem to want to load after I deleted the last comment to amend it.

What I was trying to say, was that the angles last week apart from Monday were not that focused, but were supportive. 

Going forward next week, it still looks supportive, apart from Thursday where you have quite a lot of D's in PM. So it could be pretty wishy washy until we get to Thursday US trading.

Stock Market and Financial Astrology for June 2017

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Stock Market Astrology Report for May 2017

"Hi Ali, wow you have been busy today, posting all kinds of charts at the facebook page. I didn't know that you could just look at an event chart like a human horoscope and draw conclusions. But it seems you were looking mostly at the effect of Saturn going into Capricorn in the next twelve months."

Yes as you can see the main companies, NYSE, major people are all tied. In fact a lot of companies in the western world are, as many were created in early January which is Capricorn.  And then many companies tax year is in April which is Taurus and with Uranus moving in there it will be chaos. And it needs to get worse before it really gets better.

"Okay that is spooky long term stuff, what about May? Is it still boring like you said?"

No. Mars is out of boring Taurus, and as soon as it moved into Gemini, we had the big swings.

Again my simple advice is look at the number of U and D in AM and PM and you will see the correlation to whatever it is you are trading with. Look at the 19th and the 25th. If you have two or more D or U then obviously there will be a focus especially if they are close in time. Simple.

But remember this is all for fun and not trading. 

Neptune and The Astrology of Oil May 2017

Neptune and The Astrology of Oil May 2017

Stock Market and Financial Astrology May 2017

Stock Market and Financial Astrology May 2017