Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Neptune: Astrology of Oil 3-13 September 2008

Look at the hard aspects that brought oil down. But Oil looks as if it is going to go up with all the soft aspects for the rest of the week.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Free Market Astrology Lesson for Wednesday 10 September 2008

AM US has a lot of soft aspects, and PM has hard aspects. Let's put this in perspective. The US market has fallen a lot, so there is huge momentum on the downside. So the softs will slow it down, or might produce momentary rallies. But then we have hard aspects in the afternoon. So the move down will be accentuated. In case you have not noticed I am on Twitter, and it is embedded on the Blog. So I will be Twittering about the markets live as and when I am having fun.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Neptune: Astrology of Oil 28 August to 5 September 2008

Just look at the number of softs we had, that took oil and commodities up, to say nothing of Gustav. But when the hard aspects hit, Gustav weakened, and so did oil tumble. Soft then hard for the rest of the week, will really bring oil down, and calmness to the seas, to say nothing of the political idealists and dreamers.

Proof of the pudding ...

Look at the result in the chart above. See how the soft aspects took the oil price up in the past couple of days, and then it fell this afternoon as the softs ended.

Free Market Astrology Lesson for Wednesday 3 September 2008

Hard aspects at the start make it easier to go down. Then no aspects means flat trading after a reaction up. Early afternoon soft aspects make it easier to go up. Then vacilliation as we from one pair of hards to another pair of softs.