Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mars aspects 11-22 May 2009

The Mars septiles did bring the markets down. Softs today buoyed the markets. Mixed to hard aspects until 22nd.

Neptune: Astrology of Oil 11-22 May 2009

Hard aspects on 20th.

Free Market Astrology Lesson for Wednesday 20 May 2009

Three hard aspects in focus from 02:06-02:35pm GMT (10:06-10:35 EDT). Again another three hards in focus from 05:50-06:11, and there are even more hards in focus from 07:28-08:18. Very few soft aspects.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mars aspects 04-15 May 2009

You can see how lack of softs and some hards are beginning to slow the ascent. A soft today and tomorrow, then three hards (septiles).

Neptune: Astrology of Oil 04-15 May 2009

Two softs on 11th and 12th held oil up. Two more softs on 14th albeit weak softs. Then three hards.

Free Market Astrology Lesson for Wednesday 13 May 2009

Not a lot of aspects. Starting with a gap, but with a hard aspect in the background. The only soft period is from 07:14 GMT to 07:22 GMT. Loads of hards effecting the close as they are very close to the close at 8:15pm GMT.