Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Stock and Forex Market Astrology for Mon 28 Nov 05

AM EU had few unfocused hard aspects, gaps, and then a focus of soft aspects. So one would expect the markets to be a little down and flat to begin with, and then to rise. Well the Dax opened up 1%, then came off a little but was essentially flat, and then rose. PM EU/ AM US had just a little more hard aspects, and the Dax and the US stock markets fell. PM US had some soft aspects in focus, but then there were more hard aspects in focus. So one would expect a little support, and then further falls. In fact the US markets did pause a bit, and then fell to their lowest level by the close.


00-01 g
01-02 hsh
02-03 hhs
03-04 hhhs
04-05 s
05-06 hsshhs
06-07 ss
07-08 sh
08-09 g
09-10 h
10-11 g
11-12 sss
12-13 shs
13-14 hs
14-15 s
15-16 hh
16-17 shh
17-18 ssshs
18-19 hh
19-20 g
20-21 hhhh
21-22 sh
22-23 sss
23-24 hhs