Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Free Stock and Forex Market Astrology Report for Wed 26 Apr 06

Hard focus in AM EU will drop the markets. Slow recovery with the softer tone later on in the morning. AM US has a soft focus after a mixed start, that will really move the markets up. But then they are followed by hard focus that will move the markets down. PM US will start quiet, and then go down more as the hard focus comes around. A little recovery at the very end.

GMT (US opens at 13:30)

00-01 hhs
01-02 hhh <= hard focus
02-03 ssh
03-04 sshh
04-05 sh
05-06 s
06-07 sshh
07-08 hh
08-09 hhh <= hard focus
09-10 s
10-11 ssh
11-12 ss
12-13 s
13-14 hshss
14-15 sss <= soft focus
15-16 hhh <= hard focus
16-17 g
17-18 s
18-19 shhh <= hard focus
19-20 ssh
20-21 shh
21-22 ss
22-23 hss
23-24 sh

This report was written by just reading an aspectarian. Anyone can do it. If you want some free help, then contact me with Yahoo Instant Messenger on Wednesdays, when I have an open day. I produce reports like this, before the market opens in variety of formats, for all areas of the world. See the main site for rates.