Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Mercury to Asteroids aspects vs, Jupiter to Poseidon for 17-31 Jan 2007

From previous reports you have seen how planets Mercury, Venus and Sun's aspects to the slower planets produce a daily signal. You have also seen how the asteroids and Mars's aspects to slower planets produce a daily signals over weeks.

In this report, I have mixed the two sets of stellar entities. So the number of hard and soft aspects for eight stellar entities are counted for each day. For clarity I have started from last week, so that you can have a perspective.

Date Hard Soft
W17 9 4
Th18 6 6
Fr19 5 7
M22 9 6
Tu23 7 7
W24 5 5
Th25 5 4
F26 3 7
M30 8 9
Tu31 5 3

The only piece of information missing in this form of analysis is the aspect of the Moon, and the aspects the slowers moving stellar entities are making to each other. In the former case there is a lot of information, so much that we can gain control over hour by hour movements of the markets. I have shown that for many years in the archives. The later case, was shown in the recent previous reports.

But in this report, one can clearly see without too much trouble that abundance of hard aspects stopped the markets march upwards. But look at how the softer aspects are starting to increase for the rest of this week until Monday next week.

I hope you have an aspectarian and can see what I am counting. I charge for lessons on all this. Please contact me via aliwhoATgmailDOTcom for my rates.