Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Free Aspects of Planets and Moon for Stock and Currency trading on 12 December 2007

Below are the aspects for the period the US markets are trading.

You need to get in touch with me to get the codes. Free interpretation will be given after the close.

From 02:35 to 02:52PM GMT or from 09:35 to 09:52 AM EST, there were three soft aspects, well focused. That rose the US markets very easily.

Then the harder aspects appeared 03:11 to 03:40 PM GMT or 10:11 to 10:52 AM EST that dropped the markets.

Then there was no two aspects in sequence until Noon US, and the markets remained flat, moving a little up and a little down, as the individual hard and soft aspects came and went.

Then the three hard aspects between 06:06 and 06:51 PM GMT or 01:06 and 01:51 PM EST, that were not that focussed but they managed to drop the markets a bit.

The next set of aspects were even less focussed, and so the markets remained flat, until there was another minor focus of hard aspects in the last hour, and it dropped the markets, until the last ten minutes.

There were a couple of soft aspects at 09:00 and 09:26 PM GMT or 04:00 and 04:26 PM EST, which made the markets go up in a good rally.

This system is far from perfect, but it can give a lot of signals to some people. And it does go wrong. But it is a lot of fun correlating.