Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Free Stock and Forex Market Astrology Report for Wed 12 March 2008

Above are two Aspectarians. The lower one shows the aspects of Mars, Sun, Venus and Mercury to the slower planets. This group give you an insight into the non Lunar aspects, that are working in the background. They apply to the markets when there are no aspects or gaps. They can also establish the main weekly theme. Now if you had looked at these planets last week, you would have seen the hard aspects very easily, and would be sitting with a handsome profit. If you had what I have reproduced, you would have known the big difference in the aspects, and would have not been surprised by the big move up in the markets. Now look at the complete Aspectarian (the above one) and you can see the focus of soft aspects from 06:59pm GMT (02:59pm EDT) to 07:54pm GMT (03:54pm EDT). So the aspects tell us that it is a lot easier to go up than down.

If you can't reproduce these sorts of tables, then I can do it for you for a fee.