Thursday, October 29, 2009

US Market Astrology for 29 Oct 2009

Compare this table with the one for yesterday. The first thing I noticed was that we don't have a lot of Us, with just a two minute episode at 06:21 with a u and a U. We have more Ds. The 04:01 aspect is a hard aspect. We have a lot more hards that is Ds and ds, within and leading up to a background hard D aspect of Venus at 07:58pm. And to make sure the pressure is on, we have a d 08:48pm GMT (03:48pm EST). Watch the market as we get close to those times and make up your own mind. If you make money from this then think about this info and donate. The more donations, the more I will publish. Having said that I will not be responsible for losses. Wish you all the success.