Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Market Astrology for 17-27 January 2011

Well, I just found out that the last post was a year out.  I did the scan for next year by mistake.  Ok, here we go again.  Again the same concepts apply.  Look for moments when there are lots of Us or Ds.  The funny part is that it is not that different.  I cannot fit more than this.  What I do is to look for the moments when we have a few of Us or Ds, then zoom into the day and see if there are Moon aspects doing the same for a number of minutes.  Find a high volume market and see if it correlates.  If you look at a market and it does not correlate for a while then the volume would be dropping.  Remember this is only for entertainment purposes.  It is wrong a lot of the time, or to put it the other way round, you need to know when it can go wrong.  That only comes with experience, something I have a lot of white hair to show for.  If it was simple, I would be very rich and I am not.  Hopefully you can figure it all out and post it somewhere to share with all.