Thursday, November 30, 2017

Stock Market and Financial Astrology December 2017

Stock Market and Financial Astrology December 2017

November 2017 Review

I must admit, the astrology was amazingly accurate. Just look at the report below I wrote last month. The astrological count correlated so well with the stock market action. The fact that the U's were more than D's predicted the market would go up. Even the prediction for oil was correct. So I will continue to use the same model.

The Prediction Report

The report is in three sections. The Mars Table, The Planetary Aspect Tables with values. The Neptune Tables.

The Mars Table

If you look at the Mars Table above you will see the aspects Mars is making to the outer planets. Traditionally astrologers used to look at this table only. It has proven to be more of a background aspect. Imagine that there are times the Sun, Venus and Mercury and others are not making any of the main aspects I look at, then it will be the Mars aspects that would impress. As you can see U's are more than D's this month. In basic terms that means that Mars is more positive this month than last month. Last month we had it with more D's and I pointed out that the market would react more to the other planets and Sun and it did. The markets have moved up to new highs. This month is even more so.

The Planetary Aspect Tables


Below are the tables for the aspects made by Sun, Venus, Mercury and others are making to each other. I have a certain set of aspects that I have categorised as U's or D's. That is the added value this work creates. It has taken me all my life to perfect it. And it still goes wrong, even though it was spot on last month. I only count the GMT PM count for the business days. You will need to look at your time zone and market. The rule is simple. If you see two or more of the same type of aspect within a few hours, then that will be effective. The more the stronger. If you see three or four in a couple of hours then it is very rare and strong. If you see nothing for a couple of hours then it will be flat, after being opposite to what it was. Try it with whatever it is you are looking at. It does not need to be the markets. I work in a call centre and I correlate it to the mood of people as I talk to them. So you may be a top financial manager, or a person in a sales team. It even works with animal, or herds, or children moods. We are talking about the change in the force that binds our corner of the universe. It binds and separates us. Some humans can intuitively sense it but it is not obvious to all. These tables show the polarity that creates the energy.

Fri 2U 1D
Mon 2U 1D

Tue 2U 1D
Wed 1U 0D
Thu 4U 1D
Fri 3U 0D

Mon 3U 0D
Tue 1U 2D
Wed 1U 1D
Thu 2U 0D
Fri 5U 0D

Mon 2U 2D
Tue 1U 1D
Wed 2U 1D

Thu 3U 2D
Fri 0U 1D
Mon 1U 2D
Tue 1U 0D
Wed 1U 0D

Thu 1U 2D
Fri 1U 1D


For each business day I have counted the GMT PM. Quite simply there are no moments when we have a lot of D's. The U's have it. So this market is going up even more. I know what you are thinking. Is it the US tax reform? Isn't it over bought? That is what logic tells us. Look at any technical analysts conclusions and they will tell you it is over bought. Every brave techie is shorting this market and is losing money. The only system that has predicted the market is going up is this one. And yes it is going higher. It has to do with the angle of the planets when US and PM EU is trading. That is the conclusion on that count. And it works most of the time. As I said last month we will get a period in the future or there times in the past when the exact opposite is true. I will point it out when we get there for free a month in advance. But if you want to know a lot sooner it will cost you. 

The Neptune Tables

Below are the angles made to Neptune give us our sense of imagination. Commodities follow it. Oil in particular. I am not counting the number of aspects. You can do that. It is easy. And it looks like most of the D's are not during business days. So oil is going up even more.

In conclusion we are going to go higher and higher. It will defy all logical analysis. An amazing sense of positivism is gripping our planet in this part of the universe. Enjoy it.  Remember this is not to be used for trading.