Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Stock Market Astrology Report for August 2018.

Review of July 2018 Prediction

I  must say there were some mistakes in the report published here. I got the monthly direction wrong. It seems then that the daily reports at the Facebook page are better. Certain errors were discovered and that is why this whole work is research. In as much as it has had its great moments of success, the failures make it all so much more interesting. Can humans really predict the future? It seems that we can for the next day. The Geomagnetic Activity has very strong correlations. Mars angles do correlate, but there are errors in the software and they are being spotted, and will be compensated for. It takes a period of Mars retrograde to see that. Hopefully I will get this month right. My spiritual upbringing teaches me that the greatest learning is through humility and blatant honesty. So don't trade on this report. It is just an experiment.


This month I am not going to put summaries. Look at the comments in Facebook page. The folks who have been reading my work should be able to work it out. Any D is down. Any U is up.

Mars Angles

Faster Planets Angles

 Neptune Angles