Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Stock and Forex Market Astrology for Tuesday 13 Sept 2005

There were hard aspects in early AM EU that dropped the markets after a good open, and the soft aspects stopped the fall. PM EU/AM US had more hard aspects early on, and they dropped the markets lower, with the US markets falling 0.8%. PM US had a focus of soft aspects (18-19) and they took the US stock markets up almost above the gain line, before the aspects were over, and harder ones appeared and the markets dropped back down. As far as the currencies are concerned, you can see that the predominantly hard aspects in EU trading dropped the Euro, whilst the hard and then softer aspects in PM US tested the 1.2255 a few times.


00-01 sh
01-02 hh
02-03 hs
03-04 h
04-05 shhhh
05-06 g
06-07 hsh
07-08 h
08-09 s
09-10 ss
10-11 ss
11-12 hs
12-13 h
13-14 hs
14-15 h
15-16 s
16-17 hs
17-18 h
18-19 hssssh
19-20 hshs
20-21 hh
21-22 s
22-23 hhhs
23-24 hs