Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Free Stock and Forex Market Astrology Report for Wed 12 October 2005

Below are the aspects given in advance. If you look at AM EU (07-11) you will see that there is a period of hard aspects (08-09). So the markets will find it a lot easier to go down. PM EU or AM US (11-16) has more soft aspects followed by more hard aspects. So it will be easier for the markets to rise, and then easier for the markets to fall. PM US (16-20) has a little more lift and then there is a long period of no aspects or gap, when the markets just stay flat, after a drop after the soft aspects are over. Gaps are very interesting as they tend to make life very disjointed and confusing. Remember I will be available on my Yahoo Instant Messenger if you want to ask questions.


00-01 h
01-02 ss
02-03 hhs
03-04 hhs
04-05 hs
05-06 hs
06-07 s
07-08 shs
08-09 hhhhss
09-10 h
10-11 h
11-12 s
12-13 shss
13-14 g
14-15 shs
15-16 hhhs
16-17 sh
17-18 ss
18-19 g
19-20 g
20-21 g
21-22 ss
22-23 hs
23-24 shs