Friday, October 21, 2005

Stock and Forex Market Astrology for Friday 21 October 2005

There seems to be very little aspects in AM EU (07-11); with just a couple of soft aspects, and a long period of no aspects I call gap (g). So you would expect a rise in the markets, then flat. The Dax opened down, but then tried to rise above that level, and then did remain in a tight range, and falling as the hard approached. PM EU or AM US (11-16), had mostly hard aspects, and then a focus of soft aspects. So one would have expected a fall, then a good rise. In reality, the markets fell, and then stopped and turned around with the soft aspects. PM US (16-20) had some softs, and then mostly hard aspects; which rose the markets a bit more, and then steadily dropped them.


00-01 s
01-02 s
02-03 hsh
03-04 h
04-05 shh
05-06 hsss
06-07 h
07-08 s
08-09 s
09-10 g
10-11 g
11-12 h
12-13 s
13-14 hh
14-15 s
15-16 sssh
16-17 hss
17-18 h
18-19 shh
19-20 s
20-21 shhs
21-22 h
22-23 s
23-24 ss