Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Astrology of Federal Reserve Hours on 31 Oct 2007

Above is the Aspectarian for the "very hot" moment, when the US Federal Reserve, keeps all the traders on the edges of their seats. The announcement is made around 07:15 PM GMT, or 02:15 PM EST. You can see a focus of hard aspects from 07:41 PM GMT (02:41 PM EST) to 08:10 PM GMT (03:10 EST). There are also a couple of soft aspects near the close, but they are not focused, so their effect is not that strong.

The hard aspects tend to make up moves difficult, in the periods when there is a focus, as I have pointed out. So if the Fed goes and drops the interest rates more than expected, then it will be a bit difficult for the stock markets to go up from 02:41 to 03:10 PM EST. But if it the Fed did not surprise the market, and reduced the interest rates as expected, then the markets would fall, and would accelerate their fall in that focused hard period from 02:41 to 03:10 PM EST.

As you can see, this interpretation has absolutely nothing of me in it. It is purely based on systematic analysis. And of course it does go wrong, and that is why it really should be used for research purposes only. Do not trade on this.

I just noticed that the US is actually 4 hours behind GMT and that they had not put their clocks back. Looking at the aspects in fact there was just one hard at 06:12 pm GMT. So it is clear how the markets fell to that, and then rose to the soft at 07:00. But notice that the second soft is more than 30 minutes away, and that is why the markets lost their momentum and fell. The hard focus should drop the markets now quite well.