Saturday, September 30, 2017

Stock Market and Financial Astrology October 2017

Stock Market and Financial Astrology October 2017

September 2017 Review

There were a couple of days, when the hard aspects were strong, and most markets either went down or slowed down. People are now able to see with Astrology, how bad the situation will be when hard aspects are around, and just stay put. That is the whole point of this report. It is very much like a weather map. We know when it rains and we prepare for it. There are less surprises.

Overall, the volatility index did not stay up, and in fact stayed low most of the time. Oil did not fall with the hard aspects, and drifted up. Honestly I am a bit flummoxed with oil. I will experiment with other tables if the correlation still fails.

Thank goodness the soft aspects that produced high energy hurricanes, had the high positive energy impact on the markets, and they stayed up. Yes, soft aspects do effect the weather, especially when the Solar Sun Spot activity picks up. I have posted tables and links on those at the Facebook page. 

October 2017 Prediction

The first one is Mars. It will give the overall trend. And you can see that we have softs from Sunday 1st until 8th. Then it gets hard until the 20th October. So that means up then down. Then it is a few days up and a few days down.

Now look at the fast planets and the asteroids. I have written the count for those for US trading, which is PM GMT as shown. That count has proven to produce some very interesting correlations.

As you can see the U's or softs aspects are strong in the first week. Then the hard D's kick in, but only to make it more balanced. We have some days with a lot of aspects for both U's and D's, so gyrations are in store. You need to keep an hour by hour eye on matters.

In simple terms, we are in for a very high energy markets this month. Extremely large moves up and down will persist. This is not going to be a flat market. It looks to me to be down for stocks as the D's seem to have it as the month ends, but I have been wrong on actually linking this to market trading.

Enjoy the energy, and have a lot of fun.

Mon 0U 1D
Tue 3U 3D
Wed 3U 3D
Thu 4U 0D

Fri 2D 2U
Mon 2U 1D

Tue 1U 3D
Wed 5U 7D
Thu 1U 3D

FRi 3U 2D

Mon 2U 2D
Tue 1U 2D
Wed 3U 1D
Thu 1U 4D

Fri 3U 4D

Mon 3U 7D
Tue 4U 1D

Wed 1U 2D
Thu 1U 1D
Fri 3U 0D
Mon 1U 3D

Tue 0U 1D

I have not counted the Neptune aspects, as they have proven last month to be a bit worthless when they are not that focussed. But the overall theme is still up for Oil.