Friday, September 01, 2017

Stock Market and Financial Astrology for September 2017

Stock Market and Financial Astrology for September 2017

Below are the planetary aspects for September 2017. I have put the afternoon count for the number of soft aspects (eg: 120 degrees) as U's, and hard aspects (eg: 180 degrees) as D's. I have highlighted in bold the special days, for U's and D's.

To begin with you can see the Mars aspects, show the stock markets will continue to be kept up with the positive mood, as there are more U's than D's, for early September. You can see then, that later the mood goes the other way, as there are more D's, in particular the last two Wednesdays of the month. 

Finally the Neptune aspects with and without the Moon, show a serious down turn for oil and other commodities. 

So expect a major down turn in the markets for September 2017. That means stocks will either fall with high volume, or stay put with very low volume. 

Bonds will do the opposite, and go up in price. Volatility will increase, with the VIX hitting to 20 maybe as a guess. Again, remember I am using the PM GMT count that is meant for US. 

Finally, this is all just for fun and games. Do not trade with this, as I am wrong most of the time, even last month was almost spot on. I will give mid-month review as before.

12U 15D

Fri PM 0U 0D
Mon PM 1U 1D
Tue PM 0U 1D

Wed PM 3U 4D
Thu PM 3U 0D
Fri PM 3U 1D

Mon PM 0U 2D
Tue PM 3U 0D
Wed PM 4U 1D

Thu PM 1U 1D
Fri PM 3U 0D

Mon PM 2U 0D
Tue PM 0U 1D
Wed PM 0U 4D

Thu PM 3U 2D
Fri PM 2U 0D

Mon PM 2U 2D
Tue PM 2U 1D
Wed PM 1U 4D
Thu PM 0U 5D

Fri PM 1U 0D

9U 11D

11U 20D

5U 14D